Monday, July 1, 2013

More miscellaneous nonsense

Let's see. Life has just sort of been moving along recently, so nothing spectacular to report. Hence, the lack of blog entries.

Kids are good. Sophie is getting teeth, and Gage is just getting bigger. He's such a tall boy. Both kids are ridiculously smart, ornery, and know just how to melt our hearts or push our buttons, haha. The thing that gets me the most though is how much they love each other. Whenever Sophie looks at Gage, she smiles, and just has this look in her eyes like her big bro hung the moon. Pretty cute. Gage, being a little older and more articulate, hugs Sophie every chance he gets and often tells her, "I love you! You're my best friend." It's pretty awesome to see, especially because when I was pregnant with Sophie, I was nearly constantly worried that he would be really jealous of her and not very happy to have a sibling. I was sure glad to be wrong there!

Everyone is kind of back on track as far as sleeping since daylight savings time. It took a really long while, but it seems we have all adapted. It's nice to get sort of uninterrupted sleep. Sophie is a restless sleeper though, so we end up waking a bit with her.

Friday night we had a huge rainstorm with some hail too. Gage loved it! He was running around our balcony throwing hail over the railing and yelling about hailstones. It was really cute. After the rain was over, we let him go down and jump in mud puddles and big rainwater catches in the water. Sophie waded some too, and loved it. She is such a water baby! They made friends with our downstairs neighbor, who is about 5 1/2, I believe. The little girl and Gage really hit it off, he is such a friendly and kind kid. Gage wanted to go jump in mud puddles all weekend, it was hard for him to understand that they dry up!

I've hit a total plateau with my weight loss. I'm trying to tweak my diet a bit more to see if that helps, but so far I'm at a complete standstill. It really is a bummer, to be honest. I was on a really good roll there for a while, I lost 1-2 pounds every week pretty consecutively. I knew at some point a plateau was inevitable, and I tried to prepare myself for it mentally, but that doesn't mean it isn't bumming me out to be in the midst of it. It's very discouraging to be doing everything right but not losing. At least when I was off program, I could think I knew why I wasn't losing, and what it would take to start losing again. Plateau is just... Like beating your head against the wall. Frustrating and painful. But, I've just got to stick with it. At some point, I'll overcome it.

I guess that's about all I have. Good summer so far.