Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy birthday, big three year old.

My dearest, most awesome son ~
I'm not even sure I can put into words what the past year has looked like for you. Indescribable, amazing, fantastic, terrifying, miraculous, incredible, beautiful, and defying of all logic are a few that could start. But you don't do anything halfway, oh no. You go all the way and you are so incredible.

Gage, when you turned two, you didn't speak. As you turn three, you are speaking at a four-year-old level. You don't understand that now, you are just so pleased you can communicate. But to us, it is absolutely incredible. You are so smart and clever, and you love to use words that you hear us use. Good thing we neither swear around you nor talk down to you! Your vocabulary rivals many Jr. High kids and sometimes I have to remind myself you're just three.

You became a big brother. I wonder how that feels? You are most likely the most affectionate big brother in the history of time. You love Sophie so much, and you love to hug her, hold her, and kiss her. I think you would help me care for her, if you could. I can't believe how sweet and kind you are to her. Never jealous, never cruel, and you have never asked us to send her back, just loved her. You tote your "new big brother" books around still, seeming so proud to be a big brother. It's not all perfect when Sophie tries to take your stuff, but I feel like you and she will be the best of friends. I sure hope you will, there's no friend like a sibling if you can manage it.

You're excessively smart. All parents think that, sure. But you really are. Your grasp of concepts and meanings is so beyond your age it's absolutely unbelievable, unless we're talking about Gage. But not just smarts; you are the most empathetic three year old I've ever heard of or met. Sure, you're toddler-egocentric, all kids are. But you care how others are feeling, and you want everyone to be happy and have fun. You care when others are sick or down and you want to help. I hope we can always have as good a relationship as we do now, with your sporadic hugs and random smiles. 

What a wonderful boy you are. I'm so very, very blessed that you are my son, and I only pray that I can be the sort of momma to help you grow, learn, and reach your potential, whatever that may be. You amaze me a little more every day, and I'm so proud you're my son. I've said it 100 times and I'll say it 1,000 more, at least--my worst day with you is better than my best day without you.
When do I love you?
All the time.
Love, your Momma

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