Friday, April 12, 2013

A quick weight loss post.

So, I'm kind of just jumping back in here. I'll give an update one of these days, when I feel like! Anyway. I've been doing Weight Watchers since... I dunno, September, maybe? I started out strong; lost 11 pounds or so. Then, I stalled. And I've been up and down over the same milestone weight about 6 times now, and I'm sick of it.

And I even know why. Why? Because I lose a decent bit of weight with WW and then I think I'm cured. Cured of food addiction, cured of the mumbo jumbo that rattles around in my brain surrounding food (hint: food and I have a dysfunctional relationship), cured of overeating at large. Then my weight loss stalls, and I quit. But not this time.

The last meeting, I had gained back 3.2 lbs. I was disgusted with myself, sick at heart, and completely discouraged. I bawled my eyes out the minute I got in the car. And... I think that was exactly what I needed. I have redevoted myself to the program. It is time I figure out how to look at food as sustenance--not a reward, not a release, not a comfort, not a fix. I am a step ahead of so many others in that I KNOW what healthy eating looks like. I just need to get back there.

So today was day two. I tracked all day, I watched what I ate, I avoided junk. I am PROUD of myself. And I'm not giving up. Not this time. My health and my family depends on it. Tomorrow will be hard, it is Sophie's first birthday. I will be bittersweet all day, and surrounded by food. But I'm going in with a game plan! I'll be having one plate of food, pre-tracked. When it's gone, it's gone, unless I want veggies, haha. I will have ONE small piece of Sophie cake, the rest will go away. I can do it. There's no time like now, and I know I can.

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