Saturday, April 13, 2013

For my baby girl, on her first birthday

Dear, sweet Sophie ~
What can I say about Sophie? You are amazing. My baby girl, who is almost not a baby anymore; as of today you are officially a toddler. You came at a time when I most thought I wasn't sure of how another baby would impact our lives, just as Gage came when I was unsure of how a baby would impact our lives. And just like Gage, you are one of the best things to ever happen to me. I have loved every day with you since you graced us with your presence, and I will continue to do so. I've said it 100 times and I'll say it 1,000 more, at least--my worst day with you is better than my best day without you.

What can I say about Sophie? You are adorable, brilliant, charming, daring, amazing, brave, cuddly, and absolutely awesome. You climb everything with the most ornery grin on your face. I dress you in these adorable, feminine outfits, and then watch you walk, climb, fall, crawl, jump, and chase your brother around in them. I marvel at you. Your understanding of things far surpasses babies your age. You reason, you work through problems, you understand how things work that would baffle most babied your age.

You aren't a baby that plays with toys, oh no. You want to be learning and figuring things of the world, not babydom. But I'm so afraid of how quickly you're growing up; already you seem so advanced yet you still look like a tiny, walking baby. You are so independent yet still so needy. You still want Momma when you're tired or cranky, and you always like a cuddle when you're sleepy. I hope you can always come to me when you need a cuddle or a love. You do have some attitude though, that leads to an angry squawk and you stomping off to pout when you don't get your way. You are going to be a blast to watch grow and develop. You are so unique and I hope you can always let you just be you.

I couldn't be more pleased with you, Sophie. You are everything I've said here and more, because I could never capture you with words. You're a pleasure to have around, and quite a hoot. So glad you're here, my baby who is almost not a baby anymore. A year ago today, I had no idea what it was like to be momma to a girl, and now I can't imagine life without you. What a blessing you are, and I am so, so, so proud to be your Momma.

So much love for you!

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