Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Writing like a crazy person

Well, so maybe crazy people don't write a whole lot... but forgiving the figure of speech, I'm at one of those phases that folks who freelance write or do writing from home get to. We work our regular writing assignments (mine is the magazine - it is not freelance, I am a staffer,) we look for other opportunities, we throw our scribbling out into the world, and we hope madly that someone will like our work enough to pay us a little money for it.

I'm still making a pittance from the mag. I still enjoy the work (mostly) so that's ok. And hey, a teeny tiny income is better than no income at all. But I sure would like to add a few more projects to my plate in the hopes that I could bring in a little more money.

I'm in talks with one of Brian's co-workers to take over their monthly newsletter. Not sure what the pay there would be, but it's worth the talks. We're kind of halfway through my telling his car club what I would do differently, etc. I haven't heard back yet from my most recent round of discussions (it's all through email) so we'll see what happens next.

On Saturday, I also spent the better part of FIVE HOURS working up a resume, answering questions, scanning writing samples, and putting all of that together to apply for another automotive writing job. A friend of mine sent me the job listing a little while back, and I decided I better either apply or decide that I wasn't interested. As I WAS interested, I did want to apply. It was just time consuming - they wanted writing samples, but they didn't want any attachments to be sent to them, only links. Well, all of my writing (other than this blog) is from print media. I had to figure out how to scan a few examples, and then get them online so that I could send a link to the company instead of attachments. I created a basic blog and uploaded six scans to it. Then I had to manipulate the sizes to make the scans legible, but not obnoxiously large. It took a little (ok, a LOT) of time! They wanted text of the resume, rather than an attachment, so I had to import my resume into an email and format it correctly from a .docx to the body of email. That also took some time. They wanted three questions answered about cars, writing, and writing about cars online. Since I am not capable of answering complex questions in a couple of sentences, and because I need to edit my writing to death when it's not casual writing (like this blog) that ALSO took a while. I felt very proud of what I submitted though, so we'll see what happens. I'm a little nervous! I will be a little disappointed if it's back to the drawing board and I don't get a job that I spent that much time and care applying for. We'll see.

In the meantime, I'll keep writing like a crazy person, and hope it'll all work out. Because, ya know, it will.

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