Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Gage update

As promised, here's a little bit about Gage. He is awesome. That is all.

But seriously. He learns more every day and accomplishes so much. He is currently teaching himself to catch, which is so cute. Tuesday he has a doctor visit where we will get some tips to hopelly get him talking. He doesn't talk much yet, but communicates very well. He does get frustrated when he can't get certain things across, so if we could get him talking, it would be good for us all. Tomorrow I will spend the day logging all the words he says, so that should be fun. It'll probably mostly be animal sounds, as that is his primary conversation, verbally anyway. The doc wants an accurate picture of his verbal habits.

This will likely be my last update on cry-it-out. We are essentially done, I'm sick to death of blogging about it, and I imagine everyone is sick of reading about it. Suffice it to say... It worked for us. Once we got CONSISTENT with it, every single night, the process worked like a charm. Within a week, Gage was sleeping through the night. And I mean within a week of our restart. We weren't consistent the first month and that screwed us. Now, Gage smiles and waves when we lay him in bed and tell him goodnight. He is excited to go to bed, loves his routine, and even looks forward to "laying in his bed" after our bedtime stuff. It is really rewarding to see how he loves having his own bed to sleep in. He naps in there too. We are still working on nap duration but we will get there. And even better? He is weaned! We are on day 3 and he hasn't asked for it at all, which is amazing. We talked a lot to him about being big and how he doesn't need nutrients that way anymore, he eats from a plate and drinks from a cup like a big kid. Seems that may have helped ease the transition.

Guess that's really about it for now. Things are going great for Gage and we are cherishing this short time of him as an only child. We see the doctor at the end of this week about #2, so we are hoping all is well there. We are both feeling some apprehension that something may be wrong, but that isn't grounded in any reason, just what parents do I guess.

Hope you had a nice weekend, we did!

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