Monday, August 8, 2011

WTH, Etsy sellers?

I'm trying to kill the battery on my phone to reconfigure the battery charge capacity. I would've done it tomorrow except I can't sleep. So I'm browsing Etsy on it, hoping that the large quantity of picture loads will suck down battery juice. I am looking in the children's stuff, for obvious reasons; current and future Littles. 

Have you ever been browsing Etsy and seen something that just strikes you as wholly inappropriate? It doesn't happen to me much, because I'll be honest, I ordinarily LOVE Etsy. Most things that I look at on there are quite wholesome and nice. But there are always exceptions.
Anyway, first I see a onesie that has a large slogan printed on it. It says, "I'm with the M|LF." FIRST of all, my honest opinion is that vulgarities, or the implication of, don't belong on baby clothes. Babies are brand new and pure... They don't need a mockery made of them. But really-"I'm with the M|LF"?! I doubt the seller thought it through, but the "I" in M|LF does stand for "I'd" so that makes for an extra disgusting connotation. What was the person thinking when they printed that onesie? So tasteless, creepy, and disturbing. On multiple levels, really. 

OK, so I kept browsing. Then I see a onesie set; one is white with a tuxedo pattern (like a tux t-shirt) and the other is purple with a faux pearl necklace attached. What first caught my eye was how odd to attach a necklace to a onesie, what with the possibility of a baby getting hung up in it. .. Then I read the description. "Carrie and Mr. Big's night out," it read, "Matching onesies for twins or siblings." Let's pretend for a minute that Se.x In the City is your favorite show. It isn't mine by a long shot, but whatevs. It isn't appropriate for kids by a long shot. But didn't Carrie and Mr. Big date or get married or something?! Do you want to act out some romantic relationship from a show about se.x with your sweet, sibling babies?! I sure wouldn't, how creepy!

So that's my WTHeck this evening. If you've never checked out Etsy, don't let these two bizarre items sway you. Etsy is generally a great place to find all manner of beautiful handmade goodness.

I'm off to bed, having successfully killed my phone. Another day of nausea and exhaustion lies ahead of me. Just wish I could sleep.

*Lest you think this blog is laden with typos, please note that I made specific changes to certain words that may, in a search engine, bring the wrong type of attention to this blog. I think the post is still clear. And honestly, I'm giving some thought to taking the blog private, anyway. I have very few followers but since I do post a good bit about my little fella, I'm just not sure I want it public. It would be email invite, rather than altogether private. Thoughts?

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