Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Please excuse me for my distance

So, I've been a little absent recently. I just haven't really felt like I had much of anything to say. I haven't been feeling all that great, have had day after day of killer headaches, and just generally haven't felt much like myself, let alone writing. Gage is doing great on cry-it-out, at least at night. Maybe next week we'll get him crib napping. Thus far it's been largely couch napping. But he is still out of our bed altogether.

A couple days ago, I sort of felt like blogging and thought maybe I could come up with something to say. I didn't feel very well though, really light headed and nauseous so I ended up scraping the idea. Yesterday I totally felt like blogging, because I had something I needed to get out. But it was premature, and so I had to wait until today to make my point. If you are friends with me on facebook or Google+, you totally already know what was wrong with me and why I haven't been feeling that great. In fact, you might know by now anyway! But in case you've missed it, here's why ...

I'm pregnant! Yep, that's right. Not too far along, but enough to get three positive at home tests. We'll see the doctor at the end of this month to try to nail down the actual due date. I can hardly wait. That's about all I've got right now. Hooray!

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