Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Let us never speak of it again

I'm going to stop saying I'm sorry for my sad lack of posts. Because it's just the current normal. I am going to try to get back in the habit of posting a few times a week though, so hopefully I can do that.

Being pregnant is a funny thing. You suddenly have to second guess every decision you make involving your diet, skin, etc. Will this hurt the baby? If the baby comes out with a second head, will I know it was because I used X product before I even knew I was pregnant? OK, so that may be an exaggeration. But seriously though.

I'm having a terrible bout of pregnancy induced acne. I am not kidding, I look like a nightmare. Or maybe a Biblical leper. Brian says I look fine, because he is nice like that. But it's bad. I have a facial cleanser that contains triclosan, and maybe it's working just a little. It's an antibiotic. Supposedly it helps kill the bacteria that causes the acne while being a gentle cleanser that doesn't bleach clothes, like benzoyl peroxide, (goodbye, green tank top), or make me break out worse due to allergy like salicylic acid. It also dissolves oil so that's nice. Out of curiosity, I looked up triclosan to see if it was dangerous in pregnancy... I found one obscure website that said it can form a chloroform gas when mixed with chlorine... You know, like tap water has. THEN I read that it it found in a lot of household cleaners and increases headache and some other fun stuff. That info was on a mainstream site. Great. Guess it's time to find another cleanser... Cause I sure can't use the benzoyl peroxide outside of the shower, I don't have that many shirts. Oh, and just an aside, salicylic acid isn't safe during pregnancy either, even if you aren't allergic to it. Benzoyl peroxide is safe for pregnancy, just not your shirt. Update: I've been reading more about triclosan after posting this. It seems that it actually isn't too safe for ANYONE... The chloroform gas produced with tap water is a widely known effect, and triclosan is also a possible carcinogen. It can be found in acne products, antibacterial soap, and many toothpastes, deodorants, and mouthwash. It's worth a check to see if products you're using has this chemical. I didn't find it in anything other than my face wash; we don't buy antibacterial soaps. Scary stuff. The FDA is even looking into banning it, Canada already has.

This pregnancy is way bizarro for me. I'm having symptoms like crazy that I never had with Gage. I'm craving salty foods like I never did with him, either. When pregnant with Gage I wanted non-stop ice cream. This time I want chips and salsa, chips and queso, nachos, beef jerky, etc. Salt cravings are uncharacteristic of non-pregnant me, as well. I also frequently crave fruits and veggies. And let me tell you, when those cravings pop up I fully indulge them. Because I can tell you non-pregnant me rarely thinks about how badly I wish I had a carrot/zucchini/garbanzo bean mix spread on a pita. It was seriously good though. I've also been craving hummus on pita chips. Go figure.

So what do all of the differences in this pregnancy from the last mean? It doesn't mean I'm pregnant with a girl, although that's Brian's gut feeling. It doesn't mean anything except that I'm pregnant for the second time... And pregnancies can be drastically different, I guess. I'm living proof. My pregnancy with Gage was such smooth sailing, when we watched a show on BBC America about women addicted to pregnancy, Brian expressed his fear of the possibility that I could get addicted to pregnancy because it was so good for me. I've got news, I'm definitely not gonna be addicted to pregnancy. So no worries there.

I'll try to be back in a few days, maybe a day. I have some other pregnancy related things I would like to talk about so hopefully I can in the next few days. But if I forget or feel too cruddy to post in the next few days, you won't see more apologies, I promise.

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