Friday, January 21, 2011

Cloth Diapers

They've arrived! I've been so excited to get them and get started using them and they're finally here. Now we just have to wash some cloth inserts 5 times or so to get them absorbant and ready for usage. I have a couple more packages of inserts coming yet as they're very important to have a lot. They'll be so much cuter than the regular ol' disposables. AND they'll save us money! AND they're good for the environment! AND I no longer have to wonder what exactly is up against his most delicate skin in disposables that allows them to absorb SO MUCH.

I actually wanted to start with cloth diapering, but let a friend (now an ex-friend) talk me out of it. She told me that she'd read that cloth diapering was WORSE when you lived in the desert. While that sort of makes sense, the amount of water used to wash cloth diapers is a drop in the bucket compared to the environmental impact of disposables. Poop in the ground water, anyone?!

But, sadly (if you're an environmental nut), I can't even site environmental impact as my biggest reasoning for going with cloth now... it's primarily a money thing. When I crunched the numbers, after the original small investment, we'll save over $60 a month just from not using disposables. If I use cloth wipes too, instead of disposables, that brings the monthly savings to over $80 a month. That's huge! It's good to get away from the disposable mindset. Then there's the thought that whenever we're ready for baby #2, we can reuse these ... making the savings even greater. They snap to different sizes so that they're usable for babies from newborn to 38 pounds. Hopefully by 38 pounds Gage will be out of diapers! These are handmade with love, and the seller was AWESOME. Check out if you're interested in cloth diapering... they're also relatively affordable compared to many cloth diapers.

Wait till you see him in these diapers. It is gonna be SOOOO cute!

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