Monday, January 24, 2011

NFL Training Camp for Wii

Brian is very supportive of me, both in my fitness goals and of me as I am now. A little while ago, he got us NFL Training Camp and EA Active for the Wii. They're essentially the same hardware bundle (hr monitor, leg sensor, resistance band) with different games. So while I thought EA Active sounded fun, I have been REALLY looking forward to NFL Training Camp!! Today I got my first shot at it. I did the 60 day challenge which is 4 days a week on and 3 days a week off.

The game gives you a choice of teams and player to train with which is kind of fun. You can also choose between easy, moderate, and extreme. I did moderate and it was a nice mix of stretches, plyometrics, and resistance band work. I believe it took about 25 min out of my day, perfect for me with Gage. I worked up a decent sweat and could view all sorts of graphs about my performance. It'll track all of that for me as I go, along with weight. I like it a lot!

Speaking of weight, I neither gained nor lost weight last week, which I'm pretty proud of considering I had kind of strayed there for a bit. So now I'm back on the wagon and moving again!

How are you staying fit this winter and staving off the hibernation feelings?

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