Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Biggest Loser finale and how I'm the biggest winner!

If you don't want Biggest Loser spoilers, skip this paragraph. Still with me? Ok! Hannah and Olivia, final three with Irene. All of them looked phenomenal and I loved how confident Irene looked! Her whole transformation was really neat. I knew she wouldn't beat Hannah and Olivia though, when I saw them all together. Hannah looked gorgeous and so did Olivia, but Olivia's hair is so short it makes me sad. I was surprised that Olivia beat Hannah. But how neat for them! Hopefully they will all keep the weight off. I was amazed by the at-home contestants this year! Almost all of them really rocked it. Especially Dan and Don, the twins. They had such bad attitudes, we were sure they wouldn't do well at home. But wow, they looked great! Olivia's hair didn't make me as sad as seeing that they are going to have washed up tennis loser ANNA KOURNIKOVA replace Jillian Michaels! So very awful. Especially considering that on the show, Anna K. looked emaciated, not muscular and healthy. I would be so mad if I were Jillian, that I was being replaced by an ex tennis player who was known more for her ability to attract male viewers than her ability to play tennis. Maybe she'll surprise me. But wow, seems like a bad decision!

End Biggest Loser spoilers/talk.

Tonight was the night Brian and I were planning to celebrate our anniversary. My parents were coming over to watch Gage and we were going out, just the two of us! I got some sort of bad health news this afternoon (nothing terrible, just sort of sucky) so when Brian came home early, I was ecstatic! He brought us a little treat, and we took a long walk (4.75 miles) as a family. It was SO nice. Then we got ready for dinner, my parents arrived, and we went to Joe's Crab Shack. We had lots of fun and some great food, and look forward to taking Gage one of these days. We got home to a sleepy, freshly bathed baby (thanks, Mom!) And now said baby is fast asleep.

What a great day, and a great anniversary celebration. Thanks to my mom and dad for watching Gage, and to Brian's dad for taking us out Monday night. Everyone has made our anniversary so special (even if it was last week, haha!) I have such a wonderful, thoughtful husband who supports me through all my ups and downs and makes life beautiful. I can't imagine me without him and I love him so much.

I am feeling like the biggest winner tonight!

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