Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wild and wacky Wednesday

If your idea of wild is trying to stay dry in the rain and snow. In mid-May. Good ol' Colorado weather. The only thing you can count on is that you can't count on the weather. It was some much needed moisture though. It has been really dry here! It was just a little bit of a bummer because my mom and I had planned on shopping for pool floaties, baby pool, and outdoor sand box today. So that was a bit of a strange shopping excursion in this weather! More about that in a bit.

Can I ask you to pray for the south again? Now they're being hit with massive flooding. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

So this morning, my parents came and picked up the little fella so I could go to a doctor's appointment without a little spectator. Then I was meeting my parents and son at my parent's house. As I left the doctor, it was hailing on me. 35 degrees, according to the Subaru. Got to my parents, and my mom and I set out for lunch and shopping. We took my parent's super awesome Nissan Murano since the car seat was already in it, and it was in the garage. It is fun to drive the Murano because it feels like a bus compared to my little Sube. We met my sis-in-law for lunch, and then she decided to join the shopping excursion as well.

We started at Toys/Babies R Us for a baby pool for Gage to have at my folks', a floaty for him to have at the pool here, and a sand box. We ended up finding the floaty and the pool, as well as swim diapers, swim diaper cover, another ball (Gage has many), a couple toy trucks, and a bubble mower. We did not find an adequate sized sand box. We decided to check out Walmart, where my mom got a vat of bubbles, a welcome mat, and a Royal Wedding edition of People magazine. But no large sand box. I did notice in that particular Walmart, they have all the summer stuff right up front... next to the memorial flower arrangements. Is that not creepy?!

Anyway, after Walmart, Gage was done shopping; he had run out of fun times. So we went back to my parent's house, I swapped the car seat back into the Subie, and we struck out for home.

Hopefully Friday we can actually try out Gage's new pool set up.... but I won't hold my breath. I'm counting on the weather to do the opposite I want!

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