Friday, May 20, 2011

A happy, nice Friday... that was semi-sunny.

Gage and I woke up and headed over to my parent's house to try and burn off some Gage energy. The day was sunny and bright and I was so excited that we would be able to play outside today. My mom called me as we were on our way and asked if we wanted to have lunch before we took Gage to the park. Since it was 11:50 AM, I told her sure. We decided that she would just watch for us and meet us out front. We went and had Greek food, and Gage had a grilled cheese. Sort of. He also played with keys, said "roar!" at a floral arrangement a whole bunch, and threw lots of stuff on the floor. He ALSO colored for the very first time. We've tried to get him to color on kid's menus a lot of previous times, but today he actually did. It was pretty neat, and I brought the page home to show Brian, who was properly amused. Now I'm fighting the urge to put it on the fridge. I had to fight some serious pride when the hostess came over and asked how old Gage was, and when I told her he was 17 months, said, "How is it that he colors so well, and my 22-month-old daughter isn't interested in coloring at all?!" It's because Gage is cooooool. It's actually because kids are all developmentally different, and there's no sense in comparing, but c'mon. I get to have momma pride from time to time. He's a prodigy, I tell ya! He put crayon to paper. Haha.

After lunch, we headed back towards my parents' house, where we planned to walk Gage to their park that's about a block and a half from their house. As we pulled into their neighborhood, it stated to sprinkle. As we got into their house, it started to pour. We bundled Gage into his slicker and my mom and I into ponchos and headed out into the yard in the rain. (I'm pretty sure my dad took some pictures of me in the poncho. That makes me sad because the ponchos are their camp ponchos. I swear I could smell camp toilet on mine. It was bright orange in addition to smelling like camp toilet, although that was probably psychosomatic.) He ran around the yard like a mad man for a while and enjoyed the fact that everything was slippery and the grass is really long. After he'd fallen on his butt about 1,000 times (oh, I'm exaggerating, he probably fell about 950 times) the rain slowed down, and we decided to take advantage of the spotty clouds and head to the park. Armed with slicker (for Gage) and umbrella (for adults) we walked to the park. Gage proceeded to go down the slides many times, go up the slides about as many times (with adult assistance, of course) and even go down the BIG kids slide, which he would not be dissuaded from. He had a blast and proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he is, indeed a very serious daredevil. Be still my racing heart, he is going to put me through what I put my mom through, in terms of all the racing and what-not. Ack.

When it started to sprinkle and Gage decided the stairs to the slide were a good place to lay his head, we called it a day and headed back. Good thing, too, because he threw a massive tantrum on the way back to my parents' house. My dad walked ahead to go get the mail and Gage flipped; he wouldn't hold my hand, he didn't want to ride in the stroller, he didn't want to PUSH the stroller, and he didn't want to be carried. I explained his options, but he wasn't having any of them. Since when I tried to hold his hand, he tried to wrench away or lay down, the only option was a stroller ride for safety. He banged his head on the stroller and shrieked like he was being stabbed. After a little while, he calmed down and I asked if he wanted to walk and hold my hand. He grabbed my hand from the stroller, and when I got him down, I explained that we were all going to where Poppa was, and he could walk and hold my hand. He did so calmly, and was very pleased when we caught up with my dad. After a snack I brought him home.

We got home amidst heavy rains and waited in the car until it quieted down enough that I could take him in without getting him soaked. When we got home, the apartment smelled awesome due to the green chile pork roast I had cooking in the crock pot. Brian got home, we ate, and the food was DELICIOUS. Even Gage liked the green chile pork roast - so much so that he had his VERY FIRST EVER bite of food, unassisted, from a utensil. He speared a piece of pork on his baby fork and popped it right into his mouth! Brian threw his arms up, I clapped giddily, and Gage looked at us like the coolest thing ever had just happened. It was really cool!

After dinner, we decided to take a rain walk. It was pretty clear, not TOO cold; so we bundled up Gage, threw his rain cover in the stroller basket, and headed out. We walked a little over 3 miles, covered new territory, marvelled at the beautiful storm cloud formations, found a pond/wetland, and overall really enjoyed ourselves. We also found some cool townhomes that we wish we lived in because, well, they probably don't have mouse-infested balconies. The balcony, it is still dead to me. Anyway. It was a terrific Friday with some sun, some storms, and lots of good times. I sure do love my family.

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