Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday with Gage... never a dull moment!

Gage is currently obsessed with three things. It makes him a little extra hilarious, very amusing, and sometimes just the littlest bit irritating. I will tell you about his three current obsessions. I imagine you will crack up!

1) Gage has realized that he can grab your hand and take you to what he wants. A lot of the time, on the way to showing us what he wants, he forgets where he is going or gets distracted, drops your hand, and starts doing something else. He won't like it if you go back to doing whatever you were doing before, though. He wants you to stand there while he does whatever he got distracted by. He has started "asking" to watch A LOT of TV, which he shows you by dragging you to the TV and pointing to the remote. He doesn't watch hardly any TV, so this is kind of surprising to us! Guess he wishes he watched more. Goofy kid.

2) Gage is obsessed with going places. Outside for walks, outside to go to the park, car rides to somewhere (anywhere), it doesn't matter. He will drag you to the front door repeatedly and grab the handle, then point at you, then back at the door handle as if to say, "Hello, open this and let's go somewhere already!!" It is really funny, unless it is 11:00 at night and he is refusing to sleep because he wants to go somewhere. Then it isn't too funny at all! When all you want to do is sleep and he wants to go somewhere... it is the tiniest bit irritating. Until he smiles up at you or gives you a hug, then all is right with the world.

3) Gage is currently obsessed with books. This is really cool! I love that he is so into being read to right now! We were going to go to story time at the library this morning, but I woke up with a crushing headache and forgot about going until it was 10 minutes until story time. Then I felt like a failure with a crushing headache. I hate forgetting things that are for Gage. So we are going to try story time Thursday instead. But we've made up for it by reading tons of books today! Over and over and over....

We also went to Target and did a little shopping. I also got a sun hat so when Gage and I go to the pool I don't get a wicked burn on my face. Tomorrow, my mom and I are going shopping for a floaty for Gage to use and some water/sand toys for her to keep at their house for him. Should be fun for all! I can't wait to take Gage to the pool. I have a feeling we'll be going a lot!

I have sure been looking forward to spring and summer this year. Gage is gonna love it!

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