Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Update: It's Monday and the world didn't end edition

Well, the Rapture didn't happen. Let me tell you how shocked I am... ok, I'm not shocked at all. No one will know the date the world will end. The Bible specifically says that the Rapture date isn't known to anyone other than God, so clearly Harold Camping wouldn't know, seeing as how he is definitely not God. Although, with weather like we've been having, I guess I can see how people could have thought the Rapture was coming. Brian and I took Gage and Chevy on a long walk Friday evening and saw this:
We were pretty glad that this storm completely passed us by, although we were all set with Gage's rain shield on his stroller and jackets with hoods. We also had an umbrella, just in case. It was a pretty crazy looking storm! I hear it's going to be a bizarre weather year, with global climate change. (I don't want to debate climate change, but I will tell you that from all I've read/heard, people aren't the cause. The earth changes over time, and we experience differences in weather, so that's likely what we're going through now.)

Speaking of crazy storms, please keep the mid-west in your prayers. The tornados, the floods; it's a terrible circumstance. If you don't pray, at least keep them in your thoughts. They need all the positivity they can get. Because, of course, some ugly rain storms and cloudy days like we've had here are nothing compared to what they've suffered with the floods and tornados in Missouri and Minnesota. Scary stuff.

Saturday morning, Gage slept in until about 9:30 or 10:00 AM. I laid around with him until he was ready to get up, then we started our day. Brian had to work, so we just hung around and did a few things around the house. When Brian got home, we had lunch, and struck out to get Gage out of the house. We took him to a big park near us to play on the equipment. He really loves going down slides. He also loves climbing up and down the steps on playground equipment. But after a lot of playing, and quite a bit of walking around, we discovered that Gage was so tired he could barely take another step. At that point, it was time to take him home, so we took him back to the apartment. He was in bed by 8:15 PM and out like a light shortly there after. It was one of those nights that it would have been nice if he could sleep alone! Brian and I could've enjoyed some alone time. Instead, I lay in bed while Gage slept next to me and watched streaming Netflix on my phone.

He also happened to sleep in on Sunday! Gage woke up at 9:30 on Sunday morning, and after Brian did some dishes; I made us a nice brunch of silver dollar pancakes, blueberry compote, whipped cream, bacon, and eggs. We all ate really well and enjoyed our meal. After breakfast, Gage had a nap, then we decided to go on a little walk to the gas station and get some drinks. After we got our drinks, we decided we'd check out the little playground in our apartment complex, so we walked over there. It's pretty small, and we decided we'd keep walking instead of having Gage play there. We walked down to the big park that we'd been to previously, along the Cherry Creek river trail. It was really nice out, warm but not hot. We went through some nearby townhomes and through a nearby neighborhood, walking 3.35 miles before heading home. Gage was terrific for the whole walk! The same couldn't be said for Chevy, who felt it necessary to bark at and chase every single rabbit, prairie dog, other dog, etc that she saw along our walk. She was tuckered out when we got home though, which was nice.

We finished up laundry, ate dinner, and headed off to bed. It was such a nice weekend! It doesn't take lots of money or extravigant destinations to make a nice weekend with family. Sometimes it is so nice to just explore the area around us, and connect with those closest to us.

And, of course, chuckle at those who actually believe some guy could predict when the Rapture would happen.

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