Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Been A Hard Day's Night

Gage woke up at about 6:00, and that is about 4 hours earlier than I would prefer him to get up. Although I don't mind as much when he starts our day at 7 because then at least the sun is coming up.

Between my groggy mumblings for him to go back to sleep and his giggles, I heard the sound of crackling from the kitchen, reminiscent of water left on the bottom of the coffee pot when the burner kicks on. I first thought maybe a little water had remained on the bottom of the pot when I set it to start for 6:15 so Brian could have coffee before work. When it continued, I went to see if coffee was leaking from the pot. There was no coffee in the pot, so I stuck with my theory of water under the pot until I realized that it was 6:25 and while this coffee pot is new to me, I figured that there should have been coffee in 10 minutes. New to me because my parents gave us their old one. (We may now know why they got a new one. But I digress.) So I went to the kitchen and took another look... apparently all the water I had put in to have the coffee automatically brew in the morning had leaked out in the night. I got the pleasure of moving everything around while toweling up 8 cups of water from the counter. And discovering the water had soaked the whole brand new box of coffee filters I'd bought a few days prior.
What a way to start the day.

I used one soaked filter to brew a new pot of coffee which came out fine. But I can't live with a coffee pot that can't even hold water for 8 hours to auto brew in the morning. I know where I'll be Friday. That's right, Target! To buy a new coffee pot!


So when my delightful sister-in-law mentioned lunch, I told her how about today?! 'Cause I just want to get out of the house at this point! My parents are coming tonight to watch Gage so we can hopefully wrap up the incredible disorganization that is OUR APARTMENT.

Our apartment, complete with partially functioning caffeine machine. And upstairs neighbor who's bird feeders perpetually belch bird seed all over our porch, making me feel like I'm likely to die of Avian flu in the next month as bird seed reigns down on our things that live on the patio.

Just because it's a new day doesn't mean it's gonna be a good one.

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  1. Hey Auto Momma! Thanks so much for coming to my blog and for commenting... I loved your advice. And, I remember SO MANY DAYS where my babies got up before it was light out and I'd get to 6:30 am and feel like it was lunch time. *sigh*. Hopefully you survived! And today's a new day... hopefully he'll sleep at least until 6:30. :)