Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rocky Mountain Health Plan... Defrauding Honest Coloradoans

About 2 months ago, Brian and I started the process of trying to get Gage and the two of us insurance while we await Brian's coverage start date of mid-March (Autonation has their employees wait 6 months. Auto industry has high turnover rates!) We did quotes through multiple companies, and Rocky Mountain Health Plan had the best rates. So we started the process of trying to get coverage.

They had an exhaustive application online; it took me three days to complete. And then, after a couple weeks, they started demanding exhaustive medical records. At first we complied, until we got to the point where every time we sent in the last thing they needed, they needed something more. They told us it would cost $149 to insure just Gage, so we jumped on that, deciding that Brian and I would be ok until his coverage went into effect. We agreed that Gage would be covered with RMHP from Feb. 1-Mar. 31. We got his card in the mail, and set his well child check up with his new pediatrician for Feb. 2. I checked to be sure she would be covered under both plans so I wouldn't have to switch him.

Today, I go to the credit union to get cashier's checks for our apartment. As I'm signing the paperwork, I notice that our account balance is DRASTICALLY less than it should be after taking out the apartment money. When I got to the car, I pulled up our account on my phone, and found our checking balance to be $1.00 and savings as low as they'd said. Heart pounding, I pulled up our history and found that our checking had syphoned money from savings to cover the RMHP premium... which was $401 MORE than they'd quoted me!!!!!! FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS more they pulled out.

Furious, I called customer service. I figured maybe they had just charged the premium for all of us even though we weren't all covered. Nope, that wasn't it. They told me that was the cost to insure just a dependant under the age of 2. PER MONTH. $549 and change to cover ONE baby for ONE month. I told the guy that wasn't ok, that we were quoted by email $150, roughly. In his smarmy you're-wrong-and-I'm-right tone, he informed me that I needed to find that email because no one would have told me that and they have to disclose their rates before signing anyone up.

Fuming, I got home and pulled up the email, verified, and called them back. They verified, and the woman says, "Well. What do you want us to do?" I said, "give me back the premium that is above what you quoted!" She put me on hold, consulted with her manager, and told me they'll cancel Gage and refund our premium. Great! So we get our money back but Gage goes back to uninsured til Brian's benes take effect.

Oh well. We'll take it. Bottom line?! Stay away from RMHP at ALL costs. Wonder how many others they pull this scam on who don't watch their accounts so closely? All I have to say it, they better consider themselves darn lucky we had enough in savings to cover their mess AND our apartment fees. Because if this had effected us getting our apartment, I would be talking to an attorney right now!


  1. Dear Auto Momma,

    On behalf of all of us at Rocky Mountain Health Plans, please accept our sincere apology for the bad experience you had with our organization. We work very hard to ensure our customers and potential customers receive the best service and very clear communication. It appears, in this instance, there was a miscommunication and we failed. We are examining our communication protocols to ensure this doesn't happen in the future. If you would be willing, please call our SOLO sales line at 800-453-2981, Option 4, and ask for the SOLO Sales Team Manager. She will explain, in detail, what happened in your situation. Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your post. Kayla Arnesen. Rocky Mountain Health Plans

  2. Hi, Kayla. I appreciate the time it took you to scour the world of the web to find this blog post and respond. You guys must be really concerned with bad PR! I'll be totally honest here, I don't care to take any more time out of my life to call you guys for an explaination of what happened. I have an extremely healthy, extremely BUSY 14 month old, and I just moved. All I care about is that y'all quoted me a reasonable price to insure said healthy, active 14 month old, and we took you up on it. Then we found out you would only insure him for a price that surely no rational human being would pay. What went wrong on your end doesn't concern me in the least. What does concern me is that, while I appreciate your refunding of our money, my ultimate goal was not met. That was insuring my healthy, happy toddler for two months til my husband's insurance kicked in. And for a price that was less than both of our car payments. Now he is uninsured, and you guys will get all the bad PR I can give you. Thanks!