Sunday, February 13, 2011

Moving and Grooving: Now with 97% Less Grooving

Well, y'all, we are officially moved in. My folks did two Murano loads (well, just dad did the second) bless them!! So now we have all of our stuff here in 1,000 square feet. Whew! We've got a little storage deal off our balcony, so that helps with random things like our camping tub and sleeping bags. My mom was kind enough to chase Gage around for a few hours, feed him, AND give him a nice, long bath while Brian and I toiled away unpacking the kitchen. If you've ever moved, you know the kitchen is easily the bulk of the putting away, and also the first room you tackle. So while the counter tops are still covered in random items that are, as yet, homeless, the majority of our kitchen wares are placed. Not to say there won't be a massive kitchen reorganization in a month. Because there will be. I love reorganizing a kitchen, especially when I know for a fact it's imperfect. And let me tell you, mine is imperfect.

I also got the bulk of the master bathroom unpacked while my parents spirited away my son on a little walk. It was nice to see the countertops in the bathroom, and be able to wash my hands at that sink instead of the guest bath sink. I got about half of my shoes put away on my new shoe racks that may just save my marriage. No, my marriage is not in danger. However, Brian really hates the tangle of shoes that usually is the floor of my side of the closet. So hopefully neat and tidy shoe racks are the answer!

And once we unpack the master bedroom boxes, of which there are roughly six, the nightmare begins. The nightmare I refer to has gathered in Gage's bedroom. Because he still sleeps with us and we have yet to start the necessary sleep training with him, his bedroom became storage for practical purposes. At least until the main rooms of the house are unpacked, his room collected all of the boxes of random things that have been sitting in our storage unit while we stayed with my folks.

Now, I am fighting what I know is a totally irrational urge to just take those unopened boxes straight to the dumpster and pitch 'em in. I know that in reality, I'm just tired and a little punchy from three straight days of Moving Madness. But I keep thinking to myself, "I haven't even seen, let alone needed, any of those things for SIX months! Do I need them now?!" But then I wonder how I would feel a few months down the road when I started looking for things that I probably threw away in a fit of insanity. So, no unopened boxes will be sacrificed.

But don't you just love that feeling in a freshly unpacked house when everything is fresh and clean, nothing is out of place, and everything is safe and secure in it's new home? The desire to reach that feeling is keeping me going.

I think we might even be halfway there.

Happy Sunday, everyone.

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