Friday, February 25, 2011

One more thing...

I bet you'd be rejoicing in my two-post-in-one-day thing, if I had anything exciting to write about. I felt the need to clear one thing up though, and that is the negative tone to a couple of my posts regarding our apartment, coffee maker, and what-not.

I love our apartment. I wake up every day feeling thankful that we found this complex, with the space we get for our money, the fact that it isn't that old, and the crown moldings. Because, really, what apartments have crown moldings?! I may or may not also have a totally irrational love for the size of our laundry room. So the complaining neighbors and Stompy McBirdseed upstairs don't diminish my love for being here, and my thankfulness of having this place to live that I'm so happy with. You know, for an apartment.

As far as the coffee maker goes, my parents would never give us a coffee maker they knew to be defective. Because my dad is retired, he wakes up every morning and makes coffee; they don't use the auto setting. There's also a strong possibility that the seals have dried out over the time the coffee maker sat in my parent's basement. In any case, there shouldn't have been the implication that my parents would give us a coffee maker that was broken. But, because my mom has a strong sense of justice, she took me to Target yesterday and bought Brian and I a beautiful new, red coffee maker. It is the first brand new coffee maker I have ever had, and it is everything I'd ever hoped it would be. Now I just have to get filters that fit it.

That was more interesting that my musings on the weather, right? Ok, maybe not. But at least it made some semblance of sense.

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