Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's a New Week, A New Day

Well, it was a new day anyway, except now it is getting close to tomorrow. Which is also mid week. So you can see I meant this post for yesterday. The problem with yesterday was that it was just one of those miserable days and I wanted to curl up in a ball and forget about it. But I'll tell you about it instead and may've you'll tell me it wasn't that bad, because it won't seem that way.

But first, the weekend! Saturday Brian worked and Gage and I hung out, then I went to the beauty supply store with Alecia. If you aren't familiar with beauty supply stores, I will tell you they are the magical places where the pros buy their hair care, skin care, and hair coloring needs. At wholesale prices! Alecia is a certified professional so she is special and can shop there. My mom and I take TOTAL advantage. It's magical. We shopped it up and then had lunch at Smashburger. If you're not familiar with it, don't worry. Their claim to fame is the sauce and it is 100% pure gross. It has horseradish in it, a fact I wished I'd known before I slathered my whole burger in it. All-in-all, it was tasty though, if not a little overpriced. But of course, Alecia and I had a blast, talking about very important things of little importance. Like horseradish on a burger. Yuck.

Saturday night, we ACTUALLY had plans that involved getting dressed and leaving the house! Brian's cousin Jordan is marrying his FABULOUS girlfriend, Baylee, and they had an engagement party at her salon in downtown. I mean to tell you, I did my hair and everything. I put on a great pair of dark khaki pants that I haven't worn since pre-Gage and ooooh, they were loose. They fit great. Anyway, I realized I had been over-zealous in weeding out my extensive shoe collection before the move. I discovered I had no winter shoes with any sort of heel,  so I had to wear flats with khakis that were a touch too long. Horrible, I tell you! I did my hair a certain way knowing it was windy outside, so I could lay it back down inside. What I hadn't counted on was the torrential downpour that was happening in downtown Denver. Fortunately, I had a tiny Z car umbrella in the Subaru, so I could keep my hair dry.

Oh, I am kidding. I was more concerned about keeping Gage dry. So I carried him high, next to my hair.

It was a blast, although I will say I'm not used to having the most natural hair in a place, and the combination of my growing out my hair and being in a place filled with hair stylists, friends of hairstylists, and fun, rockabilly folks made me feel like my un-dyed hair was in the minority. But it looked good anyway, it was my floor-dragging, soaked pant cuffs that offended everyone. In my head. Because surely no one was concerned about my pants. Especially considering that Baylee looked amazing in a one shoulder dress. Can't wait for their wedding, it'll be combination beautiful, fun, and touching. Baylee and Jordan are one of those neat couples who are just made for each other.

We left about 9:30 because someone was getting sleepy and cranky, and didn't want to be carried around anymore. I thought Gage might be ready to go home, too. It was a really nice night, and it was nice to see how Baylee and Jordan have gathered such a great group of friends.

Sunday we worked on the apartment, then spent hours getting ready to go have our friend Ben, who is an amazing photographer, take some family portraits and some candids as well. Ok, the hours getting ready was me, although Brian did shave and look amazing. I chose outfits for all of us in complementary colors, to try and avoid the all-of-us-wearing-black look. I can't wait to see the pics, I know they'll look great.

We had dinner with them also which was great fun. I met Ben's wife (I can call them married since they've been together longer than Brian and I) way back when I worked for a company called AGI. It was an awful job and we bonded over the awfulness. We've been friends for almost 9 years!! Andria rocks, she is a terrific mom and great friend.

Speaking of awfulness, now we're to Monday. It started out well, I met my folks at the Denver Botanical Gardens because it was free day. We met at 9 am, and we had a furniture delivery window from 10:45 to 1:15 so American Furniture could deliver our non-damaged head and foot boards. That's another story even more boring than this one. Anyway, I figured Gage and I could hang for an hour or so, then head home. The furniture delivery guys always call at the stop before ours anyway. But then I lost track of time, and while we driving home, Brian called to tell me the furniture guys were on their way. I called them, asked where they were, and they were pulling up to our building. Oops.

They agreed to do their next stop and come back, as I apologized profusely. They were super nice. They came and put on the new head and foot boards; while they were finishing up there was a knock at my door. I answered to find a neighbor. He started out with, "I'm sorry to bother you," which you know will never be good. He rudely informed me that the delivery vehicle was blocking his wife's car, and could they drop what they were doing to move their truck so she could get out. I told him sure they'd move it, cause they were almost done. By the time I relayed the message, they were done. I fought with our realtor about the Albuquerque house all morning as well so I was starting to feel irritable. We are also having some domestic issues that related to nothing about our relationship or parenting, but not something I want to post here. Suffice it to say, some difficult decisions are being made. It was depressing me.

Then, we had lunch with Brian's dad. That was really fun until we got stuck in traffic on I-25, with Gage screaming like he was being stabbed every time we went under 10 mph. Which we did, a lot. It felt like a really lame version of Speed. But no less stressful than watching Keanu Reeves act.

We got home and had a little while til Brian was off, so I figured Gage would have time for a good nap. He had other plans, and spent 1.5 hours refusing the nap. He fell asleep a little after 6, otherwise known as 1.5 hours before his Daddy would get home and nap would be over. Also known as so late as to cause bedtime issues. Which, if you're curious, it did.

When Brian got home and Gage shot awake at the first sound of the key in the door, we decided to walk Chevy. We also took some trash to the dumpster, where I slid on some rocks. I blew out both knees and broke my back, but didn't fall or drop Gage. Ok, I might be exaggerating just a bit with the knees and back, but it didn't feel too good.

It was a good weekend, followed by a bummer Monday. Today was much better, and tomorrow will be better still.

Except for my blown out knees. That'll make things difficult.

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