Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This and That...

Let's see... I've wanted to do a meaningful update for a few days now but it hasn't exactly been good time. First of all, a couple things about my aunt, just to get it out there. She was a good lady, and she'll be missed. She had some health problems that sometimes made it harder to interact with family, so we weren't as close as we could've been. I hold nothing against her in that regard though. She was a mom and a grandma, a wife and a sister. She'll be missed, and your thoughts and prayers for the family she left behind are appreciated. She didn't get to see my grandma before my grandma passed last summer, but I know they're reunited now.

I've totally fallen off the wagon with both Weight Watchers and my sugar challenge. It's been a few weeks since I've tracked and the scale shows it with nothing lost, nothing gained. So this week, I recommit to Weight Watchers, exercise, and a healthy happy lifestyle. I've come too far to be derailed now... and I still have too far to go! Brian's b-day is tomorrow, and in my family's case, just won't be right without cake. So I will recommit to the sugar challenge, starting fresh, on Monday of next week. I know that's usually a cop-out, but it's just easier for me to start on a fresh week. I'll update as I get going again.

Cloth diapering is still going great. I'm really happy with the decision to switch. Gage's delicate skin is, too. The exceptions have been when we've gone outside today. I didn't want any chance of cold wetness or leaks, so we did 'sposies to go outside. It worked fine but caused a bit of irritation. All I can think is that his nether-regions were accustomed to the chemicals in disposables but aren't any longer. That's a GOOD thing to not be accustomed to!

Speaking of going outside, you've probably noticed we're in a cold snap. It was -2 today at the warmest. That is colder than even I'm used to, and I'm from this state. I do not like it when it's so cold you could have frostbite in under 30 minutes. I do not like feeling like Alaskans are laughing at us as they enjoy a balmy 15° day. Anyway. Be careful. This is cold that can do damage. The phone says it's -9° now, and the low tonight is some ridiculous number like -21°. Gage has his well baby check tomorrow (no shots) so we'll have to venture into the cold. High of 3° tomorrow. Ugh.

I love our little Subaru. That car rocks this weather. It warms up fast and the heater is strong, it hardly slips, and save two minor incidents (one where a Dodge Ram narrowly missed us as we slid into his path and one where we narrowly missed a Tacoma, a curb, and a Kia, in that order,) the ABS does a decent job stopping it. I feel like it's sad and neglected though. I finally got the Subaru Badge of Ownership on it. If you own a Subaru, you can visit the Subaru Badge of Ownership website and request a complimentary one. It says how many Subies you've owned and has little badges to show what you're into. I was all excited about it, then it sat in the envelope for 3 months. So I could put it on in the dead of winter. Go figure. Kind of a cool deal, but I've seen a total of zero other Subies with them so I guess it hasn't quite caught on. I'm on my third Sube, by the way. I haven't, however, had the time or motivation to give the car love via touch up paint. As most used cars, it has some paint dings, and I pride myself in being a pretty decent touch up artist. Usually I take care of dings within the first month of purchase. We bought the car in September. It is now February. Sad! One of these days, I'll get it touched up!

As I typed about the Subaru, I thought of something Brian and I have discussed. I call/think of our Maxima as "the Maxima" or just "the Max," but never "the Nissan." I think of the Subaru as "the Subaru," "the Sube," the Subie," or even "the Subarachi"... (never mind that last one.) But I never think of it as the Impreza, the Outback, or the Impreza Outback. Weird! Wonder how many of you I bored there? Anyway. I'm not much of a car namer, so that's the best I've got. My Forester was named Forest Whittaker by folks on the RCPM discussion board. It stuck. Brian's old Max was named Maxine, and my old blue Max was called Subtle Hustle, after a Clutch song. Neither current car has a name. So why is one the make and one the model? Oh well. There sure is a lot of punctuation in this paragraph. So here is a bit more... with an emoticon! :)

I think that's about all I've got for now. If you're reading me (and I don't think anyone does) tell me your car's name... or at least what you refer to it as. Tomorrow I'll give you an update on the house debacle.


  1. "Maxine"? Who called my old Maxima "Maxine"? I always called it "The Grey Ghost".

  2. I thought you called it that when you first got it! I stand corrected. :) ~S

  3. Royal with cheese! thanks to you and Brian!
    Jerome's car is the POS hoopty!

  4. Haha!!! The Royale with cheese!!! Whenever I see one I still think, "ooo is that Nicole?!" And then I remember you're not in CO! Jerome's poor car... I can't believe that thing still runs and drives!!!