Friday, April 8, 2011

As if you didn't already have enough to read of my writing

I think the way this is going to end up looking like I posted three times in one day, which makes me look like 1) a very prolific blogger, 2) someone who has absolutely no life, or 3) an oversharing weirdo. The reality is that I'll probably just change the time stamp so that this post shows posted today. But yesterday... woo! You got two posts in one day. Fancy!

I've been sticking to Couch to 5k. It is way too early for me to give up though; I'm not asking for props or anything, just sayin'. Gage and I ran to the grocery store Weds morning; I wanted to make stew but needed a couple things, so that was fun. Definitely a little weird to be in King Soopers with Gage's big ol' jogger, complete with weather shield, me in running pants and fleece, Red Sox hat, and sweaty, but no big deal. From our apartment to KS is a little over a mile, although it was farther going home. How is that possible? We had to double back for a sock that Gage threw out of the stroller. The sock lay in the parking lot where we'd crossed; mercifully it didn't appear to have been run over. It was, of course, the left sock. He had already removed his left shoe in King Soopers, and refused to let me put it back on.

We got home, put all of the stew makings in the crock pot, and resumed our day, amidst the delicious smells of cooking. That is my favorite part of crock pot cooking! It was delicious, a basic beef stew, but with a bit of bacon thrown in for a little extra flavor. Gage hated it, but he hates all of my cooking right now. More on that later.

Yesterday we set out for Park Meadows mall. I needed to get the Invisible Shield screen protector replaced on my phone and I needed to warranty my Skullcandy Chops headphones, and Skullcandy has (had) a kiosk in PM mall. So we parked, walked in, and headed to Invisible Shield. The guy told me they're out of screen protectors for Droid 2s, but I can order one and put it on myself. Really? Cause I wanted it today, and I really didn't want to put it on myself, hence my trip to the mall, to HAVE IT DONE. He was very rude, and had no idea when they'd even be getting more in. Y'all, I'm usually polite, but bad customer service does me in. This is the second or third time they haven't had stock. I told him I'd take my business elsewhere. He didn't care, so I did. I ordered screen protectors from my friend, the eBay.

Next stop, Skullcandy (Skull Candy?) I went to where I thought their kiosk was and it was not there. But, you know, kiosks... they're mobile. So I asked customer service, who informed me that they closed down about three weeks ago! Sad, sad me. See, I really hate malls. If I could never go, it'd be great. It tweaks my social anxieties to walk the malls, especially ones with loads of kiosks, which PM has. I can't stand the sales folk jumping out at you, trying to put lotion on you, curl/straighten your hair, clean your rings, or sell you cell phone service. It FREAKS me out. I did fairly well avoiding everyone except the guy who wanted to clean my ring for $.30 (I wasn't even wearing my engagement ring, just my plain Tungsten Carbide band) and a weird French lady at a lotion kiosk. She jumped out at me and tried to slather me with lotion. I told her no thank you. Then she asked if I always "wear" my nails natural. I told her yes, and she started to go on about how she had a product she just HAD to show me. I told her I was in a hurry and practically ran away. I don't know how those guys do that job. I could never approach every person walking by in a mall. I get cranky when I go to the mall and then can't get EITHER thing I'm there for. Not my morning. Fortunately, we followed the mall excursion with a trip to my friend Andria's house. My kid and her kids have a blast together, and Andria is fun to hang with. Better than Park Meadows any day.

We stopped by Target on our way home, and I finally remembered Zyrtec. This is only my fourth visit to a store that sells Zyrtec since I decided to try it. I could not seem to remember to pick it up, but Brian reminded me yesterday. I also got Gage almost outfitted for summer, with swim trunks, a rash guard, sun hat, and sunscreen. He'll just need some water wings or something. I gave him three swim trunk options, and let him choose. He picked a pair with tropical fish all over. There were only two rash guard options, and one was baby blue. So we went with our only real option, which was black and gray. But I bet if you like baby blue on your boy, it looks terrific on him. Love the rash guards. So much better than leaving his whole torso exposed to the sun, even under sunscreen. He's very fair, like his momma. I am upping my sunscreen game too, by which I mean I'll put some on. I need to be a better example. And avoid melanoma, too.

I got Gage some Gerber raviolis for easy eats for him, since he hasn't liked my cooking recently, even when it is delicious. Wouldn't you know, that little goon CHOWED those junky Gerber raviolis. Sigh. Guess he'll be eating more of them for now... because at least he is eating something. He didn't start out this picky! When I was pregnant, I had these visions of always feeding him what we were eating, and him liking everything homecooked. Homecooked worked when he was little, I made all of his baby mushes myself and painstaking froze them in ice cube trays. We travelled with a lunch-sized cooler packed with cubes of baby food and ice. He ate EVERYTHING I made him, even avocado and squash. Now, though, it seems if it's not packed with preservatives and mass produced, he doesn't want it. And I can't just not feed him... I feel like we're on a slippery slope. But at least we aren't throwing him a handful of MickyD's fries and telling him to enjoy. Although maybe he'd prefer that.

I planned on making turkey penne tonight, but it turned out that my ground turkey was rancid (fun!) I made it with ground beef instead. I overcooked my penne by turning off the wrong burner, making this the third time I've done that in this apartment. I had drained the penne already, so some was weirdly crunchy. Apparently the pictures of the stove tops with red dots showing which burner each control matches are too hard for me?! It was ok, but reminded me of why I don't like lasagne. I don't like crunchy pasta.

Sleep training is going sort of well. Gage knows that his room is his room, and he knows where he sleeps. He doesn't understand that he needs to BF less at night, so I think I'm basically going to have to wean him. Which I have no idea how to do. Any weaning suggestions? He is 16 months old and I think he's BFed for a plenty long time. I'm just worried he'll feel unloved and neglected with weaning, because I don't know what I'm doing in that department. I know how to BF; I do not know how to stop.

Hopefully this Friday morning finds you well. At least it's Friday! Enjoy your weekends, everybody.

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