Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things I like Thursday: The it's so boring I'm dozing off just posting it edition

Let me preface this post by saying you probably won't find it terribly interesting. I'm sick, Gage is sick, Brian is sick. Still. Gage is on the mend, but he seems to be off eating and sleeping for the most part still. That is unfun for this sleepy momma! Anyway. The things I'm into this week are lame. But here goes anyway.

1. Sleep! I would be into that, if I could remember what it feels like. I think I kind of enjoyed it sometime in the distant past.

2. Toddler nasal aspirator. I love it, Gage hates it with a fiery, blinding passion. He does not appreciate being aspirated. But when he is sick and clogged up, it is great to suction him. The toddler aspirator I have is huge. It might just be an older baby one but it works well. It's much bigger than the one provided by the hospital.

3. Any phone other than a Motorola Droid 2. I spent a little time today begging Verizon to let us have iPhone 4s or HTC Incredibles because age/price wise, they are comparable to our current phones. I am just so over this phone and all its weird glitches. I had to talk myself down from throwing it against the wall multiple times yesterday.

4. Vtech Touch & Teach Turtle. Was a birthday gift for Gage from some of our awesome RCPM friends (the RTU). That is a fun group of friends by the way. Man, do we have memories of all of us young and dumb. RCPM = Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers and RTU = Rocky Tonk Union. Anyway, I digress. Robin and Steve got Gage this awesome toy for his first birthday. He didn't play a whole lot with it until about two months ago, when he went absolutely nuts for it. He plays with it almost constantly. It does tons of different stuff, too. It has ABCs, story part, music, animal sounds, etc. Gage loves it and so do I!

5. I don't have a fifth thing today. I am too worn out. I feel like I could sleep for week.

Hope you're enjoying your night! Next week's Things I like Thursday will hopefully be a little less insomnia curing.

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