Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend update (the late late version)

It has been a pretty terrific weekend, despite Friday's rockiness. I know, nothing terrible happened, it was just... one of THOSE days.

Saturday was a busy day, but in a good way. We got up, played with Gage, and then he napped. Then, we trekked downtown to Rebel Salon so I could get a haircut. Rebel is the salon of Brian's cousin's fiancè, Baylee. She did SUCH an awesome job on my hair, I can't even tell you. It may just be the best haircut I have had in my adult life. I look soooo much better, all the frump is gone. And the poof. After that, we ate at Pat's with Alecia and her husband. It was fun and delicious! We then went to American Furniture with them, and I started looking forward to replacing our couches with something a little more dog and baby proof. We came home and hung out together as a family for a while, until Gage got tired. Brian told him to go to bed, and y'all, he ran right into his OWN ROOM!!! Not to his crib or anything, but we're making baby steps. That was positive!

Today we planned on going to the Auto Show but it just didn't work out. We had planned lunch with Brian's mom and sis at 1:00 so Gage could nap before. Then we were going to head downtown for the Auto Show, then back west to the ONE Vitamin Shoppe that carries the protein we like. Well, Gage didn't nap. So at lunch he got downright cranky, and neither of us wanted to drag a cranky baby to the convention center. We headed over to Vitamin Shoppe figuring Gage would fall asleep in the car, and I could wait with him while Brian ran in. Nothin' doin'. He played happily in his carseat all the way there so we all went in. Since he was awake, we decided to also hit up Boulder Running Company.

I've been wanting to pick up some Vibram Five Fingers (FiveFingers?) for running. Have you seen them? They look like those socks that have a pocket for each toe. But after explaining where I'm at with my running to the very helpful employee, and running on a treadmill that videotapes your stride, I was recommended into shoes with better support for now, to work on improving my form, ankle strength, stride, etc. Running in the Vibrams at my current point may have resulted in injury. I really appreciated her help! She showed me four different pairs of shoes, I picked the ones that felt best, then got back on the treadmill. Very cool to see the difference a shoe makes! I chose a pair a Brooks. I absolutely recommend you check out Boulder Running Company if you're in the market for running gear (or Keens or Reefs) in Colorado. And if you go to the one at Bowles and Wadsworth, talk to Sara. She is super helpful.

Needless to say, by the time we left Boulder Running Company, Gage was done. He napped all the way home, then napped some more when we got home. He was fast asleep by 8:45 tonight; hopefully he'll sleep all night. We had a nice evening, to top off a nice weekend. I was a little sad to miss the Auto Show; Brian and I used to go every year and I think Gage would've enjoyed it. But, it'll be here next year, and we had a great time with friends and family!

So Tuesday I re-start Couch to 5K! Gage and I can't wait. Tomorrow I just have to disinfect his jogging stroller because it has been in the hanta virus quarantine, a.k.a. our balcony. I will be hosing it down with Lysol!!! My new stroller weather shield arrived last week, so Gage and I can run in whatever weather comes our way! I'm so excited. And, dare I say... motivated?!

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