Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm always screaming my lungs out till my head starts spinning

A Day to Remember. It was cloudy all day today with a persistent, slow drizzle off and on. Sometimes when it is like this it makes me sad. I really love the rain, but not icy drizzle running down my back. When we walked Chevy this evening it was ACTUALLY raining and Gage didn't enjoy himself. It was a short walk because Brian and I weren't enjoying seeing Gage cold and wet. Now I can hear the rain hitting the window, and I really enjoy that! It doesn't rain here much. Lots of snow, lots of sun, not much rain.

It was a nice day today though, despite the grey skies. Gage had a great morning nap, then we had lunch with my super cool sister-in-law, Cara, at the Egg & I. We had a fun time, and Gage flirted shamelessly with everyone who walked by, talked to us, or even sat nearby. One of the waitresses came by and said she had to get a better look because he was, "seriously, the cutest baby she'd ever seen." It is his smile that makes people love him. He looks friendly and happy all the time! Well, and he is cute too. But I'm a little biased in that department. I pray he stays this friendly and outgoing!

Afterward, we came home and played; I tried to get Gage to nap again but he wasn't having it. He was happy though, so it was no big. Except that a lot of time was spent, trying four seperate times to get him down. I had planned on chicken leftovers tonight and a white wine/cheese risotto, so there was no need to get a super early start on dinner. It was just a nice, relaxing afternoon which segued into a nice, relaxing evening. I ended up making a peanut butter cup pudding pie which was pretty good, although the consistency was a bit weird since it didn't have time to set before we ate some. I look forward to trying it again tomorrow as the flavors were great.

I have a pretty good (I think) Things I like Thursday in mind for tomorrow. I've been a little uninspired recently, but I've got lots of things to tell you about tomorrow.

Can I tell you about my hair? I mentioned my terrific cut that I got at Rebel Salon, but I didn't tell you about how it held up. You know when you get a haircut and you love it for the first day, but as soon as you wash it, you discover that you'll never again get it to look like it did when you left the salon? Yeah, that's never happened to me either. But if it had, it would've happened every single time I've gotten anything more than a trim for about... oh, the last seven years. I don't know if it's because of the weight I gained (all hair looks good over an oval face, round faces take more consideration), or just getting older, but I morphed into one of those, "uuuungggnngh, I hate my hair," ladies... the ones who complain the day after their new cut.

I'm a wash and wear kind of girl. I've never liked styling my hair. I think it is because it's SO thick and wavy that it takes a short eternity to blow dry/curl/straighten/hot roll it, I just don't want to waste the time. I love how it looks done, but let's face it, I have never wanted to put forth an hour just to do my hair. Imagine my delight when Baylee told me my new haircut would look just as good dried naturally as it did straightened. Still, I wanted to get a new straightener, since she thinned it and it looked awesome straightened. I thought maybe I could straighten it now and then for a good look since it looked great super straight, but most days just let it dry on its own.

When I washed my hair, I was so excited to see how nice it would look air dried. So I let it air dry. Oh, wow. She underestimated the wave factor! With it thinned, my hair had become much lighter, so it had tons of body (a great thing). And it was SUPER wavy. I looked like a puffy, clipped poodle (not a great thing). The following morning, I decided I would give straightening a try. I felt so sad that my lack of hair skills would probably mean I wouldn't be able to do a good job straightening, and I would have to live with my puffy poodle look. But when I got done, my hair looked ALMOST just like it did after the cut! I was able to do it entirely myself! And in only about 10-15 minutes. Now THAT is a style I can live with, and love.

The moral of the hair story is that I guess I finally have adult hair. 29 years on this planet, and I actually "do" my hair. In a weird kind of way, I feel happy and satisfied, like I have actually found a hair style to enjoy and wear, as opposed to constantly trying something new, trying to find that one style that would look great despite my lack of desire to do anything with it. I feel like I've arrived. I can actually manage my hair with a straight iron in way less than an hour and that makes me happy. I look put together, and not like I just hopped out of the shower and started my day. Thanks, Baylee! You rock, and Rebel Salon rocks. I had no idea that new hair would change my view of myself (from a vanity standpoint, anyway.) Very cool. 

I had this hair epipheny this morning while getting ready, and I thought I would share it with you. How enlightening (maybe not?) But what better to talk about on a rainy, dreary night than hair?

How about technology? Cause you know I love it (I can't say I love technology without thinking of Kip of Napolean Dynamite) and I find it fascinating. You've probably read about my many issues with my Droid 2. It's a really great phone... if you don't want to run many apps. As soon as I get some apps on it, it gets bogged, freezes, runs slow, etc. My favorite part of this is it seems to be GOOGLE'S apps that cause the most issues. A lot of people love Android, and I used to be one of them. So did Brian. But can I tell you, we're considering iPhones?! I kind of want to wait and see if iPhone 5 comes out in June/July cause I would hate to switch now then have something new out in a couple months. Sigh. I just want a reliable device. To give you an idea, I actually told Brian about a month ago that I was considering buying a PayGo phone to have at the house, in case I needed a working phone and my Droid wasn't working/frozen/blacked out. It is a very real fear. I can also tell you this is somewhere around my 7th-9th Moto Droid. Never abused or dropped. Just not reliable. Ah, Android. Had such high hopes for you. Just to turn tail and possibly run back to Steve Jobs.

Off to sleep now. And dream the dream of a phone that doesn't need restarted every couple hours to clear away the cog webs. 

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