Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend update: the weekend is almost over edition

This has been a crazy, yet fun, weekend. We didn't do a whole lot of sitting around! It wasn't anything ridiculously exciting, but we got a few things done and spent a lot of time running around.

On Saturday Brian had to work, but only a half day. Gage and I got up, had breakfast, and then went for a run with a walk at the end. All-in-all, we got in about 2.5 miles. The weather was gorgeous, and it only started to get windy at the end. When we got home, it was almost time for Brian to get home, but I did some dishes and some laundry before he arrived. Then, we drove down to the Castle Rock factory outlets. That was a huge mistake; it seriously tried both of our patience. Starting our excursion at the food court, we stood in line at Subway for quite some time as the guy in front of us had an indecisive child. More than once, a little boy not much older than Gage, pushing an umbrella stroller, nearly plowed into us. We finally got our sandwiches and sat down. The little boy with the stroller continued to run it all over the food court while his family, oblivious to the commotion and potential kidnapping risk, ate their food. When they were leaving, the boy pitched a huge, screaming fit at being put IN the stroller.

At the Under Armour store, there were no amazing deals as we had hoped there would be. At the Adidas store, there were not only no amazing deals, but few things we would've even been interested in purchasing. We went to Gymboree; they had a huge sign out front that said, "70% off most items!" Upon entering the store, we discovered that the whole store contained the not-so-faint odor of poo. Another toddler, who's mom was trying stuff on her in the middle of the store, stood shoeless and shrieking. Then we saw the signs that said, "BUY ONE GET ONE 70% OFF." Ugh. Not worth the shrieking and poo smell. I'm sorry, but if I have to buy one at full price to get 70% off another item, that doesn't count as "70% off."

We went to Fanzz, and there was a lady having a loud argument with two guys. As she yelled, she was clapping her hands. We honestly wondered if they were going to come to blows. They were arguing about sports teams. She even shouted that she was, "BORN AND RAISED RIGHT HERE IN COLORADO! But still hates the Broncos!!!!!" At that point, we gave up, went back to the car, and high-tailed it out of there. Believe me when I say the Factory Outlets aren't what they used to be. We decided to drive by our old house and then out to Castlewood Canyon. We did both, then took the (sort of) back way home. It was very nice. Both of us felt like pizza and relaxing at dinner time, so we did some carry out Anthony's, which was delicious.

We had a crazy idea we wanted to try with Gage. We wondered if we just let him play until he was exhausted, would he eventually just go crawl into bed? After many cranky hours, we realized the answer was no. Play it out... another failed sleep tactic. Sometimes this whole sleep thing really gets me down and I wonder if we are better off to give him a few more months of sleeping with us and see if he'll get sick of it on his own. But then I wonder if that's my own selfishness speaking... it is saying, "get me off this air mattress!" My selfishness misses the comfort of the memory foam. And my husband.

Today we went to breakfast; we first tried The Egg & I but they were packed, so we went to IHOP. That was our second mistake of the weekend for our patience. We got seated next to a young couple, the female half of which was probably the single most irritating human being on the planet. Y'all, I try to be tolerant, and I try to be a good, non-judgemental Christian. And judging IS a weakness of mine. It is something I pray about almost daily. But this girl... oh my goodness. I can't even put into words her voice, behavior, topics of conversation, etc. It was outrageous. Her obnoxious ways cast a pall over our meal and we ate with a quickness! I know it is wrong to judge, but I am only human, after all. Trust me when I say she'd have tried a saint's patience.

But then, we saw something astounding. You know when a store is going out of business, and they hire the folks to stand on the corners with the signs? Usually the poor sign holders look bored out of their minds. But not the guy we saw today! He was holding his sign, jumping up and down, dancing, really getting into it. Talk about doing your job with a joyful heart. He was one happy dude. I loved seeing him holding his sign while he jumped and danced. We came home and gave Gage a little play time and a little nap, then headed out to look for bikes.

It was too late to go to any actual cycling stores, so we went to Dick's Sporting Goods. Found a couple with potential, but we'll see. We'd really like to start riding with Gage. We also went to Walmart and picked up a few things.

We came home, had an exciting dinner of leftovers, played with Gage a bit, and then it was off to bed. As it is now, I think all of my little family is fast asleep but me! And I'm not too far behind.

Hope you had a lovely weekend! I wouldn't have traded mine with my fellas for the world.

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