Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nap refuser, Wal-mart, and a tasty chicken dinner

I had a nap refuser today. You know the nap refuser, the baby/toddler/kid that is flat out exhausted but refuses the nap no matter what you try. It took two hours to get him down, and by the time he crashed, I knew it would be too late upon his waking for an afternoon nap. So we made the best of it. He slept 2.5 hours and may have tried and failed at falling back asleep.

We needed to hit up Wal-mart for some meats and a few odds and ends. It was a hard trip for me for some reason. My anxiety levels were through the roof, despite Wal-mart not being super busy, and I couldn't concentrate to save my life. I paid really close attention to Gage, which mostly got me through it. If I focus on him I can get by in crowds or anxiety inducing circumstances. It took me almost 15 minutes in the meat department to choose meats for the rest of the week and weekend. I haven't had that happen for a while. But it was alright, the important thing is that we made it through and got what we needed. Gage got a new green ball that he really loves. He played with it off and on all evening!

When we finished at Wal-mart, we had to go to 24 Hour Fitness to cancel my membership. They offered me a 6-month freeze when I told them my reason for cancelling (the Kids Club makes me nervous for my little guy, who doesn't talk yet, is very attached to me, and is easily knocked down as a newish walker.) Because of that, I have little-to-no time to go, unless I go the second Brian walks in the door from work, then we have a quick late dinner, then bed. No thanks on that; I would hardly ever see my husband. I treasure the relaxed, happy evenings with Brian and Gage too much. So I took them up on the 6-month freeze. By the time six months has passed, hopefully the Kids Club will seem more attractive us. And maybe Gage would enjoy it. Hey, if it doesn't work out that way, I can always cancel in October.

Then we came home, so I could start dinner. I was making breaded, baked chicken breasts (which were delicious.) Gage wanted to play ball, so he would throw it over the baby gate into the kitchen and I would throw it back out. When Brian came home, he took over the ball-playing, which sped the cooking process for me. We ate, took Chevy for a little walk, and settled in for the Biggest Loser.

It was a good one this week, with the contestants being in New Zealand. I won't give you any spoilers, but there were some tears shed at the elimination. The eliminated player is rockin' it at home and had already revisited New Zealand. Is it just me, or do you wonder if NBC has to pay the players something while they're on the show?! How many people could just up and leave their households without one income for who-knows-how-long? There has to be something going to the families of the players, monetarily. Something tonight really bothered me, too. Moses was talking about his dad having gone to New Zealand as a kid to get an education. He was saying how proud his dad would be to know Moses was there. So Bob whips out his cell phone and tells Moses it is breaking the rules, but he can call his dad and let him know he is in NZ. Ok, seriously? They took a THIRTEEN hour flight to another country, and these guys' families don't even know their loved ones are out of the country? That is awful to me. What if their plane crashed, can you imagine? I can't. I still enjoy the Biggest Loser, don't get me wrong. I'm just sayin'.

If you don't watch the Biggest Loser, sorry about that ramble. If you watch any reality show with a big cash payout to the winner at the end, you still must wonder about the paycheck thing though. Seriously, could you afford to leave your family without your income for a non-determined amount of time, on the gamble that you MIGHT win a big prize? I know I couldn't.

Anyway, after Biggest Loser, Gage ate a snack and we all went to bed! Now just Chevy and I are awake. But I heard her crash out in the living room, so maybe it is time for me to do the same. Just not in the living room. Fortunately, my nap refuser did not turn into a bedtime refuser. He crashed about 5 minutes after bedtime.

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