Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend update... the I used to function great on this much sleep edition

Gage woke up at 3:30 this morning and did not want to go back to sleep. I was half in, half out of consciousness for about an hour, not 100% processing that his little coughs didn't quite sound like when he gets milk down the wrong tube. About 4:30 am I realized that the sound of the coughs was wrong and he was pretty hot. I also realized he had no desire to go back to sleep and he was a little stuffy. And had a stinky diaper. We got up to change his diaper, and I figured I would suction him and take his temp, just to be sure he didn't have a fever. He had a low grade fever, and no desire to sleep. We ended up playing in the living room until 6:00 am, then he crashed back out. He slept until 9:00 am, and relaxed until about 9:30, then we got up.

When I took his temp a little later, it was in the high 99° range. I don't like to administer fever reducing drugs right away, unless the fever makes him uncomfortable, and he seemed largely ok. He had the occasional cough and was a little drowsy, but was mostly happy and playful. The fever is so important to the healing process, so I like to let it run its course if at all possible. Anyway, I took his temp a little later and it was up again, in the low 101s. So since it was still rising, I told him we'd check again in 30 minutes, and if it was higher, we'd administer some baby Motrin. Brian and I also noticed that he was getting weird, lethargic and clingy, which goes with a rising fever. Then... he fell asleep in my lap. When he woke from a fitful sleep 45 minutes later, we took his temp again, and it was 101.7 then 102. Definitely time for baby Motrin, and urgent care if that didn't take the temp down! After Motrin, we went in to his room and lay down, and he napped for about 1.5 hours, after which his temp was back within normal range. At least we averted an urgent care visit, and he felt good enough to pack away some eats and drink a good bit of the watered down Gatorade that we've been pushing all day.

Now we're off to bed, and his fever is spiking again, and his cough is getting worse. We've got the thermometer and baby Motrin at the ready. Poor little guy! So that was our Sunday. We had planned on going to the Museum of Nature and Science for their free day, and doing pictures. Needless to say, none of that happened... we just want our fella to feel better!

Yesterday, we pretty much just ran errands and spent time together. We drove around a little, went to Borders (a clearance one that was going out of business) where I got $37 worth of books for $8, went to Kohls, then went to another Kohls. It was a really nice day, but nothing spectacularly exciting to write about here!

Mainly I'll be sleeping lightly as I wait and see if Gage's fever spikes again. I'm pretty worried about the little boy. If he's still coughing, still feverish tomorrow, I guess we're going to have to pay a visit to the doctor's office.

Hope the end of the weekend finds you in good health! Me, I'm a little wonky. I can't believe I used to get by on this much sleep pretty frequently back in the day!

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