Thursday, April 28, 2011

No "Things" Thursday

I really have nothing in particular that I'm into this week. Same ol' stuff. I love my new HTC Incredible and I enjoyed watching the NFL draft tonight, but that doesn't make for many things. So I'll just tell you about my day!

It was a really nice day with my mom. The kind that you look back on in years to come as a fond memory. We didn't do anything spectacular but we had such fun.

I had planned on going to mom and dad's today to let Chevy play with their dog, Maggie. As I was driving over, my mom called and asked if I could help her with a project. She said she had been invited to a "Royal Wedding" party tonight and the host had asked everyone to wear English-like hats. She hoped I could help her decorate a hat to wear. Oh, y'all, I was so excited. The chance to make a wild and wonderful hat for a silly party? Right up my crafter's alley! I told her absolutely. So we decided we would go to Michael's, then have lunch, then go to Target. I told her I had great hat plans which may or may not include rhinestones and fake birds. What I meant was tuat her hat would absolutely have rhinestones and fake birds.

We hit up Michael's and I found the perfect ribbon, pink and purple flowers, two fake pink and purple rhinestone-decorated birds, two big beaded butterflies, rhinestones, and a big purple feather. I knew then that this hat was going to be epic. At one point, my mom mentioned that my dad thought she was crazy for planning to get up at 2:00 AM for this party. I was shocked. I thought she had meant a party this evening to simply celebrate the wedding, not watch it live! But no... they will be watching at 4:00 AM when some British strangers tie the knot. But she is a night nurse, so I suppose she and her nurse friends are used to odd hours.

During checkout, my mom told the cashier that we were making a hat for the Royal Wedding party. "Oh," said the cashier, "Then you'll definitely want one of these royal engagement ring replicas!" After trying one on, my mom decided she had to have one and offered me one too. It was an offer I couldn't refuse and we proudly wore our $9.99 replica engagement rings ("no prince required", the display said) to lunch. We decided on Red Lobster and got seated next to two hilarious older gentlemen.

One was wearing dress shoes with no socks. They were deep in conversation when we were seated. Their conversations sounded like this: "Ya know, Jimmy. He would do anything you ask, that Jimmy. Like if you wanted to go on a date with a girl, but she wouldn't go without her friend for a double date. So you'd call Jimmy and tell him you needed him to go out with this broad. And even though she's ugly and she's 300 pounds, Jimmy; he'd do it for ya, he would go with her." Yes, he said broad. It was hilarious to listen to these two. Anyway, at one point they started talking to us, telling us jokes that were just slightly off-color but not enough to be offensive. Both were Colorado natives and they'd gone to high school together. The one guy said, "My oldest daughter, she's 60! I can't believe it; I have a kid who's a senior citizen!" My mom said, "I know! I can't believe my daughter is almost 30!" The guy says, "THIRTY?! That's nothin'! I got shoes older than her!" Anyway. They were a crack up and it was so nice to see a couple of older people just enjoying themselves and their friendship. "Thanks for great service, sweetheart," he told the waitress, "We'll be sure to come back again sometime, when we've got money." The waitress said they're regulars and everyone loves to wait on them.

Then we went to Target to get stuff for my mom to make scones and Devonshire cream with, and to buy a water bottle for Gage. We also ended up getting Gage a giant ball to play with, a sleep sounds frog, and a cool pair of sunglasses. After Target, it was back to my mom's house so the hat decorating could commence. In under an hour, I made her probably the coolest, gaudiest, most hilarious "English" hat. There were many laughs about how I missed my calling as a haberdasher. At the end of this post I'll show you a picture of this hat; it was a beautiful creation. I warned my mom to keep it on for the whole party because others may get so jealous as to want to steal it.

Mom left for a hair appointment and my dad and I let Gage play outside for a while. My dad said he was a little disappointed to not be invited to the party, not because he cares about the royals, but because it would be fun and sort of special to get up for a 3:00 AM party. I kind of agree, even though I will probably never go to a 3:00 AM party. But just think of how you'd always have memories of how you woke up in the middle of the night for it?! It just would be a kooky memory.

Gage and I headed home and Brian got home shortly after. We watched the draft, played with Gage, and enjoyed ourselves. Such a nice evening, just our little family of four. I love it when we can spend time doing nothing and enjoy it as much as we do. I love my husband, son, and fur-kid so much. So all-in-all, I would say today was a pretty darn nice Thursday.

So here's two things I like on this Thursday... my life and my family. I don't know what I would do without my people.

Edit: I can't get my phone to upload the hat pics into Blogger. So come back tomorrow; I'll have pictures of it up then!

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