Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just a few random thoughts.

I'm super tired and ready to sleep. I'm still not totally over the plague, so I'll just share a couple thoughts for tonight. In bullet point format!

1) Gage is almost over his crud. His antibiotic course for his ear infection is done tomorrow so that's nice. He's just a little stuffy and still has a wee cough.

2) We will start the next phase of sleep training Friday night in the hopes that the weekend will allow us more rest time to make up for nighttime fussies.

3) I got my Incredible from Verizon. It is awesome and I like it waaaaay better than either of my old Motorola Droids.

4) What's up with the elimination rules on the Biggest Loser?! No spoilers here, but if a player chooses to leave they still have to send someone home. That, to me, is crap. So this week two people left. I wasn't surprised by either one. I think Irene is going to fly under the radar and win the whole shebang. Her or Austin. I love make over week and it's next week! Yay!

5) Did you watch "the Voice?" I thought it was an interesting premise but that it would be lame. It was pretty good. I would totally get emotionally invested in it. It is nice to be able to watch TV from time to time. Since I like it I bet it'll be cancelled just when I start to enjoy it and become invested.

6) Please pray for all those affected by the horrible weather in the south. If you don't pray keep them in your thoughts. It is awful stuff going on down there. This should be number 1 but I'm posting from my phone and I don't know how to move the paragraph.

That's it, that's all, that's all there is. Hopefully I can scrape together things I like Thursday tomorrow that is actually interesting. Have a great day!

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