Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things I like Thursday: Redone Edition

Last night's post turned out to be a monumental mess, and outrageously tedious to read. And that was just my opinion, so maybe I'm lucky and no one read it. That's what I get for posting when I'm in the throes of insomnia! In any case, I cut out all the rest, and will leave this succinct post for Things I like Thursday. All the of the rest of the garbage will form its very own post.

So with no further ado (or at least a little less ado), a few things I like:

1) My Brooks running shoes. They seriously rock, my feet don't ache while running, and I haven't had shin splint #1. Which is saying a lot, because I regularly get shin splints. I am so thankful to Boulder Running Company for their helpful staff that talked me into starting with more supportive shoes!

2) Jeep Jogging Stroller weather shield. It allows me to run with Gage in chilly temps, wind, rain, etc. This means I don't get to use, "but Gage would've been miserable" as an excuse not to run. This is a very good thing! It is huge, and it creates a very definite wind resistance, but that's ok. Gage seems cozy in it and that's the important thing. It is really nice to go out in the wind and not hear him sucking great huge gasps of air, or thinking, "Well, I would go running today, but it is windy and Gage sure hates the wind. Guess I'll sit on the couch and eat more food." Not that that has ever happened or anything.

3) Nuby Straw cups. They are like Gage's Camelbak water bottles, only about $11 cheaper. Not quite as cool, but man is the price right. He has quite a few, and loves to run around drinking out of them. I've read that straw cups are better for kids his age than sippies because they help the mouth form right, or something. In any case, Gage knew all along, because he's never liked or understood sippies.

4) Skullcandy headphones and their lifetime warranty. I need to warranty my Chops because a piece of the earphone fell off. It's a fairly non-essential piece, but it makes wearing them a heck of a lot more comfortable. I know there won't be a problem because Skullcandy (Skull Candy?) offers lifetime warranty. But since the kiosk in Park Meadows mall closed down, I have no choice but to mail them in for replacement. I'm not a fan of mail-in warranties. They take forever, and usually they're a hassle. I'm glad I have my Asyms and three other pairs of Skullcandy headphones in the meantime, haha. I really do like their products. Obviously. I liked the Chops best for running though, so I will miss them.

5) Under Armour and their online outlet store. Maybe you thought I'd gotten over my Under Armour obsession? Well, maybe you'd be wrong. I just haven't been in need of gear for a bit, but now that summer is approaching, I'll be looking for cool outdoor running-wear. And Under Armour is simply the best I've found; I loooove it. And Brian does too. We are UA dorks. If you're interested in the online outlet stuff, buy it when you see it because it sells out fast. Their stuff just simply doesn't go on sale for much off in the store. But their clothing is made for performance not just looks, which is huge to me. It looks cool, sure. But it also really performs as advertised. Go check them out!

That's what I'm into this week! Hope you're all enjoying your day.

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