Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend recap: since I never did an update

Saturday we tried to help some friends move, but since Brian worked 'til noon, the moving was done by the time we arrived. We did get to hang out and visit and admire their awesome new digs, though. Congrats, Alecia and Ari! I'm so glad you found the right house. And I'm super glad to call you guys friends. After that, we came home and vegged, because we were all STILL sick. The new season of Doctor Who was starting on BBC America, so we enjoyed some new Doctor. We watched Gage run around like a madman 'til he was ready for bed. At midnight. Sigh...

Sunday I planned to get up and make a white cake with lemon whipped-cream frosting to take to Easter dinner at my folks'. However, I awoke on Saturday feeling worse than I had all week, and when Brian suggested just buying dessert, I relented. We went to the store and chose a tasty cake. We came home, got Gage down for a nap, and then after he woke up, we drug our sick, worn out selves to my parents' house. We had a nice dinner, enjoyed dying eggs, and watching Gage. Then we had dessert, came home, and watched Gage run around like a madman 'til he was ready for bed. Which, since he'd napped all the way home from my parents (about 8:30-9:00), was at 2:00 AM. Oh, Lord, am I tired. Plus, by the time he fell asleep, I was too keyed up to sleep so I was up until 2:30 or 3:00... I couldn't bear to look at the clock. We all felt better today but none of us are tip top just yet.

I came to a decision on the next chapter of the sleep training. It will be hard. It will probably mean more sleep deprivation. But, heck, I'm sleep deprived as it is, so what's a little exhaustion amongst friends? Starting tomorrow night, Gage will get to BF at bedtime ONLY. We will take away the air mattress, and he can fall asleep while I rock him in his rocking chair. I will then put him in his crib. When he awakes, I will hold/rock/walk him until he relaxes, then it is back to the crib. We will continue with that until he can sleep soundly in his crib. Then we'll work on cutting out the bedtime nursing. Should be an interesting next few weeks. The final step, of course, will be teaching him to go to sleep on his own.

Verizon agreed to warranty my Droid 2 for an HTC Incredible. It came in the mail today; the battery and battery cover are due to come via Fedex tomorrow. Hopefully I'll like it better, and it'll have fewer problems than this nightmare, unreliable Droid 2. I appreciate Verizon's customer service for letting me get a different phone. I'm so fed up with the problems of the Motorola Droids! I like Android OS but I really like not having my phone lock up/black out/randomly restart.

I guess that's all I've got for now. I'll let you know how the sleep deprivation, er, training, goes.

And even though I'm a day late... HE IS RISEN!!!! We are saved by His resurrection, the triumph of life over death.

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