Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brief sleep update

Maybe you're wondering how last night's sleep training went. It didn't go great but it could've been worse. Gage did sleep mostly through the night; he woke up every hour or so and needed help to fall back asleep. I think he was cold though. I underestimated how cold his room gets and dressed him in short sleeved PJs. I got about 4 hours of sleep, myself, so it wasn't such a good night for me. Tonight, Gage has fleece PJs and socks, and I have an extra blanket. Gage refuses to sleep under blankets so he has to have sufficient sleepwear.

He refused naps all day. He slept about 45 minutes in the car, and I would've let him sleep for hours in there and just read in the car myself, but we had to meet maintainance at our apartment. And of course, by the time they were done working, Gage wouldn't go back to sleep.

But we persevere. Hopefully tonight will be a better night and our tomorrow should bring about our Albuquerque house's closing!

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