Monday, March 28, 2011

Sleep training, new method, part 1

Tonight is our first night trying what our pediatrician recommended, which is gradually transitioning Gage to sleeping in his own room by me sleeping with him in his room. So here we are, on an air mattress, trying that method. Tonight I plan to mainly work on him getting back to sleep in his own room, without breast feeding. The main moral of this method is to make me as lonely as possible.

Oh, I kid. The real point is getting Gage to understand that our room is not his room, and his room is just as comfy and safe. Well, as comfy as going from a memory foam to an air mattress can be, anyway. So while I will surely miss sleeping with my husband, this will hopefully be a means to an end. Besides, we created this behavior so it is up to us to break it. We made our bed, now we have to lie in it. Oh I couldn't resist. Sorry about that.

We had a nice, productive weekend. We got a lot of organizing done in our tiny kitchen that makes it much more bearable. Organizing a tiny kitchen, especially after downsizing, definitely takes some work. We got shelving to go inside of our cabinets, under shelf baskets for our pantry and an awesome hanging basket system for behind the pantry door. I also put up some Command hooks for my aprons. I am much happier in the kitchen now!

We also found out that the short sale on our Albuquerque house hit a little snag. Hopefully it'll be easily resolved; it doesn't seem to be a big issue, but we just can't wait for that house to be sold. Hopefully tomorrow. I can't express my appreciation of our realty team enough. If you're in Albuquerque and facing short sale, give Dawn and Brian Fossa of Coldwell Banker a call. They have been helpful, kind, friendly, and professional during what was otherwise a miserable time for us. When we discovered short sale was our only option, we didn't know where to begin, we got calls from scammy agents, and we were pretty nervous about how to proceed. Brian and Dawn have gone above and beyond, especially with us being out of state sellers. We couldn't have asked for more from a realty team.

I'm also feeling pleased for finally making good, honest progress on my writing for Brian's uncle. I've had a really hard time with it, but after much attempting to do it on my own, I lifted it up in prayer, and what do you know, now I'm getting somewhere. I've totally blown a couple of self imposed deadlines on it, so I'm really thankful that I will make it this time! I've given myself to the end of the week and that is 100% doable. Sox Place is a worthy ministry, and deserving of my best. I'm so glad that I can give that.

Well, Gage is sound asleep and I guess I'll try and catch a few Zs myself. Alone. On my air mattress. It'll all be worth it if Gage learns to sleep on his own! And if he doesn't, there will definitely be some crying. Gage might be a little upset, too. Wishing everyone a peaceful night's sleep, whatever you're sleeping on. And remember that the kids of Sox Place aren't sleeping on mattresses at all, many of them, and many may not even be under roofs. Please remember them in prayer.

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