Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend update

I'm mainly just posting this today because I really wanted to try out SwiftKey on my Droid 2. It was today's featured application in the Amazon App Market so it was free.  So far I rather like it! It offers tactile feedback, which I had on my LG Dare before my Droid 1, and I loved it.  Still getting back used to it so we'll see. 

I had lunch with my friend Alecia today.  As always, we had a blast. It rocks to have her as a friend! But she already knows that.

I think I forgot to tell you last weekend, the Subie got a new clutch. You should've seen the old one. It was so torn up it was amazing how well the car still drove. Now I am basically learning how to drive it all over again. Sometimes I kill it and that is really embarrassing! I learned to drive in a stick shift so you'd think I'd know better but it really is very different. I miss working on my own car. But oh well; having Gage around is pretty awesome, which you know if you read yesterday's post. He is one cool guy and I wouldn't trade him for anything, even the time/flexibility to work on a car. 

I guess that's really all I have for today. There is nothing any more exciting than any of that. Haven't even seen any mice around recently, so hopefully they're gone. Hope you are having a terrific weekend!!

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