Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend update (without Kevin Nealon)

Some of you may be too young to remember Kevin Nealon doing weekend update on SNL, back when it was actually funny. He had a great deadpan delivery. We watched SNL religiously back in those days, with my brother and I glancing nervously at one another during particularly off color jokes, wondering if my parents got it. Usually my mom's raucous laughter and my dad clucking his disapproval signaled that they did, but on rare occasion the joke would sail over their heads and we'd snicker knowingly, feeling like we got one over on mom and dad. At my parents house, you'll still hear reference to those days; Farley's motivational speaker ("I live in a van, DOWN BY THE RIVER"), Schneider's pothead ("you put your WEED in here") and Richmeister, the Copy Room Guy ("heeeeey, it's Gina! Ginameister! Makin' some copiiiieees!), or Franken's Stuart Smalley ("I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people LIKE me"). It was a Saturday night thing. We'd all stay up late and watch. Nowadays (eh? Speak into my ear horn. My hearing isn't what it used to be, whipper-snapper) SNL doesn't get a snicker from me, and that is if I have, by some odd chance, actually 1) stayed up that late, 2) turned the TV on to that channel, and 3) not found something better to watch. That never happens. So I am nostalgic for those days, when Saturday Night Live was funny.

Anyway. This has, thus far, been a productive weekend. Yesterday I got my Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes started (recipe from Erin at BringUpBurns), and my yogurt dill bread completed. I also did the dishes about four times due to all the baking. We had absolutely no success with sleep training but it does seem Gage is getting two lower incisors, and possibly a molar or two. So I can't feel too failurific about the sleep training right now.

I got a start on the newsletter for the magazine, which was good because by the time the Editor-in-Chief called me to bug me for it, all I had left to do was convert the text and email him the draft. Not that my text matters. The Editor-in-Chief rewrites everything I write for the newsletter anyway. Then, when I send out the draft to the rest of the "upper" staffers, I get told by the Managing Editor that the newsletter does not reflect "my voice" enough and toes the company line. Well, it is very hard to put my voice in something that is being rewritten by someone else. Makes me feel 100% useless. But enough about those guys. The magazine makes me feel sad and doubt myself pretty regularly. I miss the good ol' days with the magazine, when I worked almost exclusively with the Managing  Editor, who wanted my writing to look and sound like my writing. He also used to tell me I was a genius on a regular basis which never hurt. But that aside, the bane of every month is 65% complete; the hard part is out of the way.

I got up this morning just after 7 after being awake with Gage since 5. He was refusing sleep unless I would let him do something mildly disturbing and wildly uncomfortable. I wouldn't and he refused sleep. Brian took the Subie to our friend Mikey, who is going to put a clutch in it today. I made the ganache and icing for my cupcakes, filled, and iced them. This was my first time piping icing with a bag and they are not particularly pretty, but they are delicious. The yogurt dill bread, I'm really nervous about, it was a new recipe (new/old; I've had it around forever but never made it) and I want to taste it to make sure it is edible, but I'd feel weird taking a partially eaten loaf of bread to a dinner. So we'll all have to wait and see. And if it is gross, we'll throw it away, haha. There is never a bread shortage at my parent's house.

Now Gage is napping, and I'm relaxing. This afternoon we'll go look at some Reebok Zigs for Brian and some Vibram FiveFingers for me. Oh how you'll laugh when you see Vibram FiveFingers... but they're supposed to really help your form when running and I could use that. If I get a pair, I'll post pics.

I guess that's about all I've got for now. Y'all enjoy your weekend, I know I'll be enjoying the rest of mine.
And that's ... news to me.

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