Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sleep training + sickness/allergies

Last night Gage slept pretty well, except for when he woke up for a bit and vacantly lay there, staring off into space, around 3:30. He was pretty hot, and I figured he had a low grade fever. I got him back to sleep til later morning; when he awoke about 7:30 I took his temp. He had a VERY low grade fever of 99°. Nothing to worry about but he was pretty congested as well.

And so was I. I am super congested and have itchy sinuses with a lot of drainage. Maybe a little cold, maybe allergies. We'll see how we feel tomorrow. We have been pretty miserable today, and just laid low. We both took copious naps. And now I'm hoping he will sleep well tonight, with all his napping today. Seems he is getting used to sleeping in his room, on the air mattress at least. Soon I'll start taking my arm out from under him and edging away from him gradually. The hope there is that he'll start getting used to sleeping without SUPER close bodily contact, i.e. cuddled up against me. Once we get that under control, we will decide if we want to keep trying to get him into his crib, or if it would be easier to really childproof his room and convert his crib into a toddler bed. We shall see what the next week holds.

But I know one thing for sure - I miss my own bed. And going to sleep beside my husband. It is worth it if it works for Gage though!

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