Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things I like Thursday: I got nothin' edition

It is Thursday again, so here's another jaw-droppingly boring edition of Things I like thursday. I'm pretty tired from not being able to sleep last night so this may be a little shorter post than usual. So without further ado, let's get started! Edited to add: all views expressed in Things I like Thursday are my own. I am not employed, compensated, or paid by any of the companies I'm talking about here, just letting you know what I'm into right now.

1) The American Academy of Pediatrics. These guys have come out and said kids must rear face in their car seats until the age of 2, or have a 5x greater risk of things like internal decapitation. I will do anything to keep my little guy safe, but jeez, AAP, did you have to make this public such a short time after we joyously celebrated Gage being big enough to front face? He was so excited to have a seat with a view. But, safety wins every time. We turned his Air Protect back around to rear facing last night.

2) Pest control. I know, I know, this one is a total cop-out. But, c'mon, the mice are dominating my brain, along with my balcony. Seriously though, the guy they sent was friendly and helpful. He really liked Chevy and even tried to guess her breed. Haha, silly humans, she says! Her breeds are unknowable via guessing. I don't think anyone has ever accurately guessed what she is. She's a half-n-half! He put bait in our storage and water heater rooms. He didn't actually have a key to the water heater room so he just went ahead and picked the lock. He thought the mice were here when we moved in, so that's a big in-yo'-face to the maintenance guys who implied we brought the mice. Oh I really did just go there.

3) The Upside Down Show. Have you ever seen this nightmare on Nick Jr? It is on pretty late so probably not. Oh and late in my world is 9:30. Anyway. Gage doesn't watch very much TV at all, but from time to time we turn it on for him. He looooves this show. And I mean loves it. He laughs, he talks to it, he dances, etc. It is insanely cute to watch. I find the show to be grating, annoying, repetitive, and chronically unfunny. Guess I'm not in the target audience. But humorously enough, the show was a flop. They should've targeted young toddlers, not preschoolers. Anyway, leave me alone about Gage watching TV. He averages about 30-45 minutes a day, TOPS.

4) Hempz Pomegranite Sugar Scrub. Oh it is heavenly! It smells lovely and really does wonders for my skin. I love how soft it makes my skin. I use it every couple days on the rougher skinned areas, and it makes them soft and smooth.

5) The Oil Cleansing method. Have you heard of this? It is a method of facial cleansing that involves mixing sunflower oil with caster oil and massaging it into your skin for a minute once a day. Then you take a very warm washcloth and lay it on your face til it cools down, then rinse and repeat (the washcloth part) 2-3x. Supposedly the castor oil dissolves oils and dirt in your skin while the sunflower oil moisturizes. I have terrible skin so the thought of rubbing oil into my face made me nervous. But I finally worked up the courage to try it, and my skin is radiant! It is clearing up and is so smooth and soft and glow-y. I'm gonna keep at it and see if it keeps working. So far so good! And for fairness sake, I will tell you I (obviously) did not create this method, I have read about it at length on the interwebz. If I knew who to credit I would, but the best I can do for now is say it wasn't me!

That's all I've got for today. Hopefully you've enjoyed reading the happenings from around my house today. Tell me yours if you so desire... what things do you like this Thursday?

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