Sunday, March 13, 2011

This and that and other such nonsense

It has been a pretty nice weekend so far! I can report that the bird feeders from the patio above us are gone. So that's positive. Bird seed so close to our living environment is a total health hazard. I got my phone warrantied for a host of little issues and the replacement phone has screen issues. Go figure. Gotta call them again today.

We got Windows 7 installed on both computers yesterday so that was nice. We decided to not worry about upgrading memory at this time since Windows 7 isn't the bloated memory beast that Vista was. So we'll wait and see what happens before we make a decision on memory. So far, having Win7 is pretty nice. We both really like it.

I talked to our realtor over the weekend and she said they're looking to potentially close our house March 16. Can I tell you how happy that would make us?! We just want that place gone. We are anxiously awaiting an email with our closing docs. Looking forward to that!

Last night we had German food at Helga's, and Brian had a mini-boot (litre) of beer. It was a lot of fun, though unfortunately we were early (for once) and so Gage ran out of fun times just after dinner and we had to cut it short. It was a really good time though. We also had some pretty terrible wait times for our food, so that was a bummer.

Today we went and checked out Ultimate Electronics going out of business sale. It was a little sad to be in the store with all of the fixtures and stuff being sold off also. We did get 5 blu-rays, two ink cartridges (cyan and magenta) and two drinks for under $90, so good deals were had. We looked a little at TVs and cameras, but we were, as we have been, unable to pull the trigger. We also hit up Barnes and Noble so I could pick up a couple parenting books. I bought another book about sleep, written by a lady who writes a book about raising your spirited child. As Gage is QUITE spirited, hopefully that book will offer some insights.

Speaking of sleep training, a few of you have inquired into how it is going since I haven't been posting about it. The truth is, I quit posting because I felt that every night had varying degrees of sameness, and I got tired of typing the same thing. Also, with no success, we've called it off for last week to regroup. We'll start again this week, hopefully with some new tactics.

Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend. I am, even though I have to write for the magazine here soon. Not excited about that so much but it's gotta happen!

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