Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sleep training... night whatever this is

Well, tonight and last night are pretty much just like every other night has been... no new developments, no further progress. And we're getting really discouraged.

It doesn't help that I'm having some hormonal issues that may or may not be related to my IUD and I'm exhausted all the time, feel crazy emotional, and nauseas more often than not. Ugh. Just a discouraging couple of nights filled with stressful moments.

Fortunately, my clogged milk duct seems to have worked itself out with the homeopathic methods, hot and cold compresses, etc. So that's something to be thankful for. If you have any insights into sleep training, I would be happy to consider them.  We're just feeling like no improvements are going on at all and we're wondering when if ever we're going to see progress.


  1. sleep training AND clogged milk duct AND hormonal issues on the same day?! Girl, you need some chocolate... and maybe some wine.

  2. You're not kidding! :) I am tired, cranky, bloated, sore, emotional, etc, etc! Need a nice big chunk of chocolate and a nice glass of riesling, indeed.