Friday, March 25, 2011

This is my 50th blog post!

So, in the great tradition of blogs and lists, I will tell you fifty things about Gage that I absolutely love.

1) Gage knows his name.

2) He knows the word for "doggie" but he says it more like "dad-gee." This is a step up from his previous saying of "gee" which was really cute.

3) He can show you his nose, ears, eyes, head, hair, fingers, hands, feet, toes, arms, and legs.

4) He can also show you where two other things are that aren't appropriate for me to tell you about on the internet.

5) He loves to eat by himself, so most of what he eats gets put into tiny, bite sized finger portions so he can feed himself.

6) But he really loves if you share what you're snacking on with him, even if it means you feed him with your spoon.

7) He knows the words for most of his stuff, even if he can't say it. If you ask where his truck or ball is, he'll go find them.

8) If he can't find what you're asking him about, he'll put his hands out and shrug his shoulders. Oh y'all, it is ADORABLE when he shrugs.

9) Gage has a very definite sense of humor. He'll do stuff he knows you don't want him to do just because thinks it's funny.

10) He cracks himself up doing ornery things.

11) He is SUCH a climber. He'll climb anything and is totally fearless.

12) He is totally over being carried. He wants to walk anywhere he can and will get very restless after a very short time of being carried.

13) Anything that isn't a toy is far more interesting to Gage than anything that is a toy.

14) He is still resisting sleeping in his own crib.

15) When he gets tired and cranky, he bangs his head on stuff while he tantrums. That is how we definitely know we missed the golden time for bedtime.

16) If you tell him it's time for breakfast/snack/lunch, he'll usually run right over to his high chair and wait for you to lift him up.

17) If Brian or I tell each other "chair him up" and he hears it, he'll usually run over to his high chair.

18) He can give awesome high fives.

19) But only if he knows you and isn't feeling overwhelmed by strangers.

20) He will not give strangers high fives (which is awesome.)

21) He will not perform on command; if you ask him to show you nose, mouth, etc. and he is, in any way, not feeling it, he will not do it.

22) He went through a phase where if you asked him where his hat went, he'd put his hands on top of his head. He doesn't do it anymore.

23) He went through another phase where he'd shout "GEE!!! GEEEE!!!!!" every time he saw a dog. He doesn't really do that anymore either, and I really miss that. He still does say "WOOF!" when asked what the doggies say.

24) He loves to mimick what adults do. He'll rub his hands together if he sees you putting on lotion, brush his hair with a hairbrush, etc. It is very cute.

25) He sure hates having his diapers changed, and fusses nearly every time he knows a diaper change is coming his way.

26) He knows how to give eskimo kisses, but he frequently won't do it with you. Just because he's like that.

27) He pretends to surf/snowboard on his tray from his high chair.

28) Throwing things onto hard surfaces makes Gage's day.

29) Making noise makes Gage's day.

30) Banging loud things together makes Gage's day.

31) Stomping also makes Gage's day.

32) Gage loves to chase Chevy. Chevy does not like being chased. We have to keep them seperated some of the time.

33) He loves to go for walks and see the world. As long as it isn't windy.

34) He hates the wind; it steals his breath.

35) He loves the DirecTv remote more than anything. If he so much as sees it, he goes crazy trying to get it.

36) You can totally tell if he is really upset or just mad when he fusses. If he's really upset, big fat tears roll out of his eyes. And you hate your life just then, until you figure out how to fix it.

37) If I cry, Gage cries too. Good thing I rarely cry.

38) He knows how to give good hugs. He'll put his head on you and squeeze you with his arms.

39) Gage has a fake laugh and a real laugh. Both are adorable, and both are happy. Just one doesn't really sound like actual laughter.

40) Gage has a way with people that I have never seen. Every one who meets him comes away with a smile on their face. I hope and pray that he stays that way because he'll make friends really easily if he stays that way. He could have such an impact on others if he remains so friendly.

41) He is SUCH a light sleeper, just about anything will wake him up. It is pretty difficult to keep him asleep. But this just means he is spirited and sensitive and I can live with both.

42) He is crazy stubborn.

43) He dances by jumping up and down, then he'll stop and wave his arm back and forth. It is silly and cute.

44) He claps his hands when he sees/hears others clapping.

45) Gage loves to crawl behind and around things.

46) If he knows you're going to do something with him he won't like, Gage will back away from you while you try to pick him up. It is hilarious and adorable.

47) Gage loves having a bath. He'll try to climb in while you're still putting water in, even if you're not ready for him yet.

48) He does NOT like to be washed in the bath. Just play.

49) When you put him in the car with socks and shoes on, he'll promptly remove both his left sock and left shoe. It is likely he'll leave the right sock and shoe on for the duration of the ride.

50) Gage's favorite food is mandarin oranges. Sometimes, they're the only thing he will eat.

Whew! Fifty things about Gage that are awesome. Ok so a couple of them aren't awesome per se, but just cool facts about Gage. For example, I would love it if he would sleep in his own bed. But he loves to cuddle, so that's just part of who he is right now. I also don't think it is awesome when he bangs his head, so you get the idea. I hope you enjoyed reading about them as much as I enjoyed writing about them. He is such a great, happy-go-lucky kid.

Tonight, we're having barbequed pork that will have cooked in the crock pot all day (8 hours) for maximum tenderness. I made barbeque sauce myself to cook the pork in, so hopefully it'll be extra delicious! We are really looking forward to some pulled pork sandwiches tonight.

Happy 50th blog post! Woohoo!