Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sleep training, night 4

Last night was pretty much a bust, due to my milk duct and need for sleep. It was a pretty crappy night of sleep all around anyway, but at least we'd all go back to sleep when we awoke.

Tonight, starting at 7:10, I rocked and held Gage and watched his eyes get drowsier and drowsier. I thought we'd have a victory of his falling asleep without breastfeeding... it didn't happen. I tried BFing him for another 15 minutes to no avail. So at 7:50, I lay him down to much crying and sobbing as soon as we got close to his crib.

I laid him down and tried rubbing his back, also to no avail. He would jump right up, clutch the sides of his crib, and fuss. So now, it is 8:22 and he is just quietly fussing from time to time. I'm hoping that what that means is that he is laying quietly and falling asleep. He is being very quiet now, haven't heard him for a few minutes. Here's hoping tonight will be the magical night that he stays asleep on his own. Just heard a little fuss from in there, but no more angry crying. Praying for resolution for our little guy. He needs the quality sleep that comes from sleeping by himself. The cosleeping has worked for so long but it needs to come to an end, especially for Gage's sake!

Pray for Gage to learn how to sleep on his own quickly, and pray for us to have the wisdom to help him through this tough time and do right by him!

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