Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things I like Thursday: St Patrick's day edition

Happy St Patrick's Day! As a somewhat Irish lass, I really love this particular holiday. In years passed, I haven't done much to mark it, but this year Gage and I have done the St Patrick's day parade and we're all going to enjoy a somewhat traditional dinner with my folks on Sunday. More about that in a bit. Did you know that the shamrock is symbolic of this holiday because it is said that St Patrick used the three leaf clover to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish? The wearing of the green was a political statement amongst the Irish army in the rebellion of 1798. The drinking associated with Mar 17 is a result of the lifted ban on Lenten fasting and drinking. Random trivia I, for one, (and probably only) find very interesting!

Tomorrow I'll be baking Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes and Yogurt Dill  Bread for my parent's St Pat's celebration on Sunday. It'll be a largely traditional celebration with corned beef and cabbage. Yum! Hopefuly the cupcakes will hold being refrigerated for an extra day. I know the bread will be fine.

On a totally serious note, please pray for Japan. In the midst of your St Pat's revelry, keep the Japanese people in your heart. So many folks misplaced, missing family members, homeless, etc. And they are so stoic about it... I've yet to hear of any looting or rioting. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers as you go about your day, knowing where your family is, having a home to go to, having a hot dinner at the end of the day. That's all I have to say about that, if you want more info on Japan there are 1,000,000 blogs at least with more info about it, by people more knowledgeable than I.

And now... back to your regularly scheduled drivel.
Gage and I have been hard at work this week, tracking his schedule. I have started waking him up in the morning as I think he is largely adjusted to daylight savings time. We haven't officially started the new sleep training method yet, as the first week is largely the tracking part. Figuring out his optimal time for sleeping and naps. I've been working on trying to have dinner ready at or close to when Brian gets home, that has largely been a failure on my part. If we eat when he gets home, we can focus our evening on figuring out Gage's window of sleepiness for optimum bedtime.

But the screwed up week is not entirely my fault. Monday, maintenance was supposed to come fix a host of issues, so Gage, Chevy and I cleared out of the house ALL day. Brian beat us home and found that maintenance never came. Needless to say, when I called the office, I was a little displeased. I didn't get shopping done and completely threw off Gage's schedule because of having to remove Chevy from the house. So Tuesday, maintenance was supposed to call before stopping by. They didn't, just showing up at 3:00 PM. Fortunately, I was somewhat prepared, having grocery shopped in the morning/early afternoon and packing a bag for Gage to take to my mom and dad's house. Good thing, that bag... I didn't get to change Gage before leaving, with maintenance at the door, and there was some serious diaper overload by the time we got to my folks'. Suffice it to say, the change of clothes I had brought wase necessary.
They did get most of our issues addressed though, which is 75% good. It'll be 100% good when all is fixed.

When we shopped yesterday, Gage found a stuffed Circo dog for $4.99. He was getting really fussy and the dog was misplaced in the chips and cracker aisle. Gage does not typically like stuffed animals, but the misplaced stuffed pup caught his eye. I figured we could tote the dog around for a bit and if Gage lost interest, we wouldn't buy him. After 10 minutes of watching Gage chew the dog's nose, I knew we'd be buying it. 10 minutes later when he ripped a chunk out of the dog's paper tag, I pulled the tag off and tucked it in the cart so we could pay for it. So far, Gage loves it. We've named it Gee, Gage's awesome word for doggie. Gee kept Gage happy and smiling for the rest of the shop, so I owe Gee a debt of gratitude. So... here's a few things I'm into right now, after all of that! ETA: Standard disclaimers apply; I am not being compensated or paid in any way, shape or form for these comments, nor am I employed by any of these companies. Views expressed are my own.

1. Grocery shopping at Super Target. I saved a boatload of cash. I am not kidding you. The amount of stuff I bought did not equal what I paid. If you have a Super Target near you, shop there! And don't be afraid to try out Archer Farms, the Target brand. Their generics are as good or better than name brand.

2. Springtime. I love the transition seasons. Fall and spring are the best, and I get a wicked case of spring fever each year. I wish we had a nice grassy yard for Gage to play in, but alas, we've never actually had a grassy yard. So I take Gage to the community areas and hope everyone is as diligent cleaning up after their dogs as we are.

3. Home baked bread. I love it, y'all. Not to blow my own horn but I love eating my home baked bread. And it makes me feel proud to feed my family delicious bread I've baked.

4. My column in the magazine. Provided it doesn't get too heavily edited, it may have been one of my best. Seriously. Three and a half years of writing for them and for once it didn't feel like drivel. Too bad I think about as many people read my column as this blog! Today I have to work on the mag's e-newsletter, which will take away all of these warm fuzzies I currently feel for that job.

5. Windows 7. Yes, I know this was on last week's list too. But we actually did get it, and install it. It took forever, but totally worth the wait! It has all the awesome parts of Vista without all of the annoying glitches and bloat. I really do like it. If you have Vista and hate it, you should definitely consider Windows 7. Brian just downloaded IE9 and says it is awesome too. I'll probably try to get it today! So maybe next week you'll see Internet Explorer 9 on this list.

That's all for today. Top of the mornin' to ya, enjoy your St Patrick's day, and the upcoming weekend! I'll let you know how those cupcakes turn out, but I know they're gonna be awesome.


  1. So far I really enjoy using IE9, very simple, and doesn't use a lot of space (screen, or computer). It was designed to be clutter free, and leave more screen space to the websites you look at.

  2. I'm glad you like it! I look forward to trying it out.

  3. Thanks for the trivia on St Patrick the missionary to Ireland. And another bit of trivia for you - there were no snakes in Ireland so Patrick did not drive them out.

  4. Troy, I wish more people would educate themselves on WHY we celebrate St Patrick's day, rather than just drinking themselves to oblivian. It is a holiday rich with tradition!