Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cry-it-out Naptime, day 1

I put him down at 1:17 PM after he fell asleep nursing. He awoke as I stood, and began to cry as soon as he realized we were going to his room. He has been screaming and crying ever since. Sigh. I'm going to leave him for one hour. Oh, wait... a brief respite to the crying. Apparently it was to catch his breath. This sucks! It's SO much worse when Brian isn't here.

Well, he cried for 30 minutes, slept for 30 minutes, then cried off and on another 30. Then I got him up and took him to my parent's house, both for a little car nap and for him to get a change of scene. He had a blast at their house. So that's something.

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