Monday, June 6, 2011

Goodbye to the job I've held longer than any other

Well, I guess the time has come to consider seriously turning in my resignation to the magazine. I recently took another pay cut due to the economy, and have been receiving a set monthly rate. And I STILL have to beg them for my paycheck! Every month, no paycheck. I email them; I either get a lie, "Oh, it is in the mail. You should see it any day now!" Or I get a response like today's, "It'll go out in tomorrow's mail. You should see it in a few days." It shows me how important I'm not to them. I've asked a couple of times to be moved up to Assistant Editor from Editorial Assistant. I didn't even want a raise just a bump in title. I've been writing/editing for them for almost FOUR years! Is that so much to ask?!

They tell me my writing doesn't reflect enough of "my voice" and then re-write practically everything I submit so it looks like the Editor-in-chief wrote it, because now it's in HIS voice. When I lived in Albuquerque and worked with the managing editor, I loved writing for the magazine. It was a second job, but it was fun. The managing editor was always trying to find ways to get me more involved, and to pay me more money. He was apologetic any time things didn't work out. When he edited my stuff, he left the writing intact and just edited what needed done. He would also let me know why he changed what he changed, so that I could improve. He included me in the editing of the final magazine. But he has MS. And it has gotten progressively worse in recent years, which has meant working directly with the editor-in-chief. He does none of these things I listed above.

The EIC is a total control freak. He isn't a bad dude, but he doesn't comprehend being my only editor. He is missing the whole point of my being hired, which was to provide a female voice from a girl with car knowledge! He makes me feel totally devalued, and like a terrible writer. And if they don't value my work, why should I value my job? I have loads of writing for my portfolios. I work hard on the monthly newsletter, I work hard on my quarterly submissions. Yes, they've slipped in recent months. Because I can't even get my tiny paycheck, a pittance really, on time! If you can't make PAYING ME a priority, I probably won't make your work a priority.

So, I'm going to hang out my shingle on Craigslist. I'm going to offer my services editing, letter writing, and doing calligraphy (cause, c'mon, who knows how to do calligraphy any more? I do!) Who knows if I will be successful? I don't have any idea. But it is a start. It's something that I can do for myself. And hopefully something that will pay me a little.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Oh no... I'm so sorry this is happening! I had a similar experience on my last job... I worked as an editor for 5 years and asked to be promoted to "senior editor" (no raise) and they acted like I was asking the world. The good news is that I decided to leave and found a GREAT job (work-from-home) on Craig's List where I'm a managing editor and it's sooooo much better! So hang in there... you'll find something! Good luck!