Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cry-it-out, night 8

Gage is having a better night, so far at least. He went down at 7:52 PM, (trying to get him back on track, bedtime wise) and by 8:20, he was quiet. I hope he is sleeping comfortably. I'll keep you posted as to how the night goes!

Gage had a big day today, so I think he is nice and tired. We had Thai food for lunch with my mom (ok, I did, Gage had cheese, PB&J, cut grapes, and crackers,) and then we went to a little farm. It was fun, and Gage loved the animals. My mom bought him a little wooden farm train and I bought him a puzzle that makes animal sounds. He really loves them! Tomorrow we need to go through his toys and pull out some to donate and some to put away. He doesn't play with many of his things, just pulls them out and scatters them around the floor. Then he trips on them.

I sure hope for a good night. And I hope he is laying down! 

ETA: Gage slept until 6:00 AM, only waking up once when Chevy barked. I was too chicken to check on whether he was laying down, so I'll hope for the best and check on him tonight! 

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