Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cry it out, Night 2... Tentative success, already?!

Gage is exhausted this evening. We did his bedtime routine, consisting of clean PJs and diaper, a little nursing in his room, brushing teeth, reading a book, then laying him down in his bed. We decided to aim for an hour earlier bedtime tonight since he is exhausted. We started bedtime routine at 7:35 PM, and we lay him down in his crib at 8:01. While he was breastfeeding, I was quietly telling him how nice it would be to lay in his own bed, that he just needed to lay down, close his big eyes, think relaxing thoughts, and go to sleep. I had Brian lay him down once, so he doesn't get the idea that I'm always the one dumping him into his crib. When he popped back up, I laid him down again, and we told him we love him, we'll be here for him, we'll see him in the morning, etc. He started to fuss a little when Brian took him near his crib, but didn't fuss the two times we laid him down.

It is 8:04 PM. It has only been three minutes - but he is not fussing. You must understand that last night, the second his feet hit the crib mattress, he was sobbing, screaming, begging for Daddy and Momma (heartwrenching), trying to climb out, etc. Tonight he is just hanging out in there. Could it really be that we got over a major hump in one night? I'm optimistic... but cautiously so. We'll see what the rest of the night has in store for us. And I'll keep you posted! (It is now 8:07 and there is still no fussing. Be still my heart!)

Update: It's 9:11 PM. Gage is fast asleep. He's in somewhat of a crumpled heap up against the crib rails, but he's curled around Gee, his stuffed doggie who has obviously offered a lot of comfort to him. He has not cried once. I did have Brian touch him to make sure he was breathing because he's in a position that looks extremely uncomfortable. The position he's sleeping in makes me sad - but I'm happy because he'll get into a deeper sleep when he's not sitting up, like he was last night.

Update: All quiet on the western front. He is still asleep and it is 10:50 PM.

Update: I checked on him about 11:30 because I can't sleep. He is sleep sitting up again, clutching Gee. Sigh.

Awake at 2:48. Back to sleep in 4 min. Went in at 3:00 to check on him. He was awake. Fussed, I lay him down 2x, he popped back up, I hugged him, kissed him (in the crib), told him we love him and are so proud of him and will see him in the morning. He calmed and sat quietly with glassy stare. Good/bad? 

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