Friday, June 24, 2011

Cry-it-out, Night 11 ... is it a breakthrough?!

Sorry for the lack of post about yesterday's cry-it-out! If you're following along on how it's going, last night was particularly bad, but not really because of Gage. I had some very weird lower stomach issues that kept me from being present for most of the bedtime routine, and Gage found that disconcerting. He also could tell that I was in pain, and that bothered him very much. So he cried through most of his story, and couldn't get settled down. We had decided to do more cuddles after his story, in the hopes that he wouldn't instantly start sobbing the moment we closed the book, but he was so upset and I was so in need of the bathroom that it didn't go according to plan. It took him only 30 minutes to fall asleep, with periodic wakings throughout the evening. He also woke up at 2:20 AM, was awake for about 30 minutes, and he slept after that until 6:40 AM today. He was pretty tired today, only napped for two hours, and by this evening was a disaster. He threw fits over every little thing, like not being allowed to watch TV. We never let him watch much TV at all, but for some reason when he wants it, he REALLY wants it. We typically tell him no, because we are not trying to get him into the TV habit. On to tonight...

So far, so good. We started his bedtime routine around 7:20 tonight because he was so clearly exhausted. We were able to try and implement our extended routine tonight, though. While Gage and I were reading story, Brian was sitting nearby, checking out the brochure for the 2012 Nissan GT-R (which is AWESOME, by the way, but it deserves its own post.) When we finished story and I was rocking Gage, he looked over at what his daddy was doing with interest. Brian asked him jokingly, "Do you want to read about the new GT-R, buddy?" Gage reached for the brochure, so I took it from Brian, who showed me a good page to read to Gage. I read it to Gage and he demonstrated an attention span I haven't seen for days due to his level of exhaustion. After reading a bit, he started to look at pictures. He leafed through the whole brochure, pointing at pictures and making interested sounds. We let him look at it for probably around 20 minutes. At that time, there was a lot of eye rubbing, a lot of yawning, and Gage kept collapsing against me, cuddling his GT-R book. I told him he could have a few more minutes to look at it, and then he was going to bed. When I mentioned bed, he pointed to his crib, but didn't fuss. Guess we are truly a family of car geeks.

A couple minutes later, I asked him to give the GT-R book to daddy, promising that we could look at it again tomorrow. After a minute or so, he handed it over to Brian. I picked him up from the rocking chair, cuddled him, gave him some kisses, told him I love him. Brian did the same. We went to the crib and Brian turned on the sleep frog. We laid him down, and he started crying. After leaving the room, Gage only cried for around 10 minutes! Now it's totally silent from his room. That makes us so happy! Hopefully this night will be a turning point for Gage, and for us. Certainly the past few nights have been very trying. We were starting to feel like we are doing something wrong here.

I just hope he sleeps the whole night through tonight, laying down. That would make both Brian and I very happy!
Update: as of 10:45, the little guy is still fast asleep laying on his tummy. This could be the breakthrough we've been waiting for! Just hope he sleeps until at least 6:00 AM, which would be a solid 10 hours!
Not much else going on other than that. I've got to call our insurance company tomorrow or Monday (not sure if they're open tomorrow) to fight with them about some labs I had done that they didn't pay for. Not sure why they wouldn't have paid for lab work. I'm also having lunch with my friend Alecia tomorrow, so I'm really looking forward to that! It should be a good weekend.

Ok, ok, so you probably don't care. I don't think the market for mommy bloggers who love cars is really all that high. But since I told you how awesome the new GT-R is, I would feel just wrong about not even giving you any pictures and a little info. So here are a couple:
This color is new for 2012. I'm not sure how I feel about blue cars in general, let alone blue sports (super) cars. But there are some pictures of this color on the GT-R in the brochure that I believe to have been taken at the Bonneville Salt Flats in UT... and the color looks AMAZING. Not sure that I'd buy it, but who knows. Sometimes it's nice to do things a little differently. Although, it's not like I have to worry about what color I'd choose for a GT-R. They do happen to be just a little outside of my price range at just under $90k. 

This engine... ungh... it makes me drool. It is such a beautiful piece of manufacturing. It is a gorgeous engine. The sort of power that Nissan has gotten out of this SIX CYLINDER is awesome! It can hit a top speed of 193 MPH. It also does 0-60 in UNDER THREE SECONDS. I am serious. That is not a typo, the GT-R does it in 2.9 seconds. Can you imagine that feeling? Flat out acceleration, hitting 60 miles per hour in under three seconds? Whew. I have driven some fast cars in my time, but never anything anywhere near that fast. 

Guess there's a reason the GT-R is nicknamed Godzilla. 

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