Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cry-it-out, night 3

He's in bed, and it's 8:02 PM. He got down about 7:50 after his nightly routine. He has done a little of the weird silent stuff, and a little fussing. Right now, he's fussing just a bit. We are really struggling tonight. We are feeling like this is damaging him on some level we can't see. Everything I've read and the doctor's advice is to the contrary, but it's hard to feel good about leaving your toddler alone to cry. We just wish we could come up with some other way... we've tried every "no-cry" solution out there, and he has persevered co-sleeping through all of them. He is a very strong-willed little guy. I want to think he knows how much we love him, and that we would never do anything to harm him, but it's so hard when he's crying and you know he just wants to be picked up, held, and breastfed to sleep.

But something has to change. None of us are getting good sleep, I never have time to get anything done around the house without a nap time for him during the day, and the effects of his sleepless nights were really starting to show. He's coming to an age where I feel weaning is necessary, and there's no way to wean a toddler that only knows how to fall asleep at the breast. The sleepless nights taking their toll on him was the main reason I talked to his pediatrician about the next step. I knew this would be hard... I just had no idea how hard.

He fell asleep after sporadic fussing at 8:45. As of 10:48 all we have heard in there is his breathing. Going to call the pede tomorrow and be sure the sitting sleep is normal and not a sign that he's being traumatized or something.

Well, Gage slept until about 5:40 AM. At that point, he sounded frantic, so we went and got him. We let him nurse in bed with us and he got up about 6:15. He played a little with Brian and then seemed to want to go back to bed. He fell asleep shortly before his daddy left for work and slept a few more hours, so he seemed a little rested this morning, and happy.

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